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Trading Tips - 19 March 2015

'Buy' Broker Ratings

DateCompanyIndexBrokerLast PriceTarget PricePotential Upside
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - AddAggrekoFTSE 100AlphaValue1594178612.00%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - BuyAnglo AmericanFTSE 100Canaccord Genuity Corp1065160050.20%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - BuyAstraZenecaFTSE 100Jefferies4756.5560017.70%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - OutperformAvivaFTSE 100Sanford C. Bernstein & Co56662510.40%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - AddBAE SystemsFTSE 100AlphaValue544.55796.30%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - BuyBHP BillitonFTSE 100Canaccord Genuity Corp1492.5174016.60%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - AddBritish American TobaccoFTSE 100AlphaValue3673414512.90%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - BuyBritish Land CoFTSE 100AlphaValue866.597712.80%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - OutperformCairn EnergyFTSE 100Exane BNP Paribas152.719125.10%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - AddCentricaFTSE 100AlphaValue255.92726.30%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - BuyExperianFTSE 100AlphaValue1143134617.80%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - BuyFresnilloFTSE 100Numis Securities Ltd67690033.10%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - BuyGlencoreFTSE 100Canaccord Genuity Corp285.843050.50%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - BuyHSBC HoldingsFTSE 100AlphaValue576.569119.90%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - BuyIMIFTSE 100AlphaValue1354154213.90%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - AddInterContinental Hotels GroupFTSE 100AlphaValue2701301011.40%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - AddInternational Consolidated AirlinesFTSE 100AlphaValue578.5604.044.40%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - AddJ SainsburyFTSE 100AlphaValue269.92959.30%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - AddKingfisherFTSE 100AlphaValue370.43895.00%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - BuyLand Securities GroupFTSE 100AlphaValue1279143512.20%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - OutperformLegal & General GroupFTSE 100Sanford C. Bernstein & Co293.33209.10%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - BuyLloyds Banking GroupFTSE 100AlphaValue79.7797.522.20%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - BuyLonminFTSE 100AlphaValue125.1291132.60%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - OutperformMarks & Spencer GroupFTSE 100RBC Capital Markets515.55506.70%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - AddNational GridFTSE 100AlphaValue885.79719.60%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - OutperformOld MutualFTSE 100Sanford C. Bernstein & Co232.32559.80%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - AddPearsonFTSE 100AlphaValue149016379.90%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - OutperformPrudentialFTSE 100Sanford C. Bernstein & Co1754.518002.60%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - AddRexamFTSE 100AlphaValue56562410.40%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - BuyRio TintoFTSE 100Canaccord Genuity Corp2867398038.80%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - AddShireFTSE 100AlphaValue5575631413.30%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - BuySmith & NephewFTSE 100AlphaValue1150148028.70%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - AddStandard CharteredFTSE 100AlphaValue1053.510974.10%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - BuyTullow OilFTSE 100AlphaValue307.837622.20%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - Speculative BuyVedanta ResourcesFTSE 100Canaccord Genuity Corp458.268048.40%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - BuyVodafone GroupFTSE 100AlphaValue225.326919.40%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - BuyWolseleyFTSE 100Goodbody Stockbrokers Ltd41854100-2.00%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - AddWPPFTSE 100AlphaValue158617218.50%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - OutperformBeazleyFTSE 250Sanford C. Bernstein & Co293.33157.40%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - OverweightBetfair GroupFTSE 250HSBC2205250013.40%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - AddBrewin Dolphin HoldingsFTSE 250Numis Securities Ltd318.83458.20%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - BuyBwin.Party Digital EntertainmentFTSE 250AlphaValue82.7511640.20%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - BuyCable & Wireless CommunicationFTSE 250AlphaValue60.5571.918.70%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - BuyChemring GroupFTSE 250Investec21725015.20%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - BuyDomino's Pizza GroupFTSE 250Numis Securities Ltd7788509.30%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - BuyDrax GroupFTSE 250AlphaValue375.843415.50%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - BuyDS SmithFTSE 250Jefferies372.94109.90%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - AddeasyJetFTSE 250AlphaValue182819969.20%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - AddHome Retail GroupFTSE 250AlphaValue170.119212.90%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - AddInformaFTSE 250AlphaValue578.56197.00%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - BuyIntermediate Capital GroupFTSE 250Jefferies490.55001.90%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - AddJD WetherspoonFTSE 250AlphaValue78287511.90%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - OverweightLamprellFTSE 250JPMorgan113.513115.40%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - BuyMicro Focus InternationalFTSE 250Canaccord Genuity Corp1173135015.10%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - BuyMillennium & Copthorne HotelsFTSE 250AlphaValue579.571523.40%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - AddMitchells & ButlersFTSE 250AlphaValue464.153515.30%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - BuyMondiFTSE 250Jefferies135214759.10%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - BuyPaceFTSE 250Canaccord Genuity Corp359.545727.10%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - BuyPremier FarnellFTSE 250Jefferies187.321012.10%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - BuyRestaurant GroupFTSE 250Numis Securities Ltd686.586025.30%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - BuyRPC GroupFTSE 250Jefferies571.568519.90%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - AddSegroFTSE 250AlphaValue437.44605.20%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - BuySuperGroupFTSE 250Investec912.5103012.90%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - BuyUBMFTSE 250AlphaValue543.568425.90%

'Neutral' Broker Ratings

DateCompanyIndexBrokerLast PriceTarget PricePotential Move
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - HoldAntofagastaFTSE 100Canaccord Genuity Corp70083018.60%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - HoldGlaxoSmithKlineFTSE 100Jefferies16161550-4.10%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - HoldITVFTSE 100Investec258.1253-2.00%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - HoldKAZ MineralsFTSE 100Canaccord Genuity Corp206.225021.20%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - EqualweightMan GroupFTSE 100Barclays202.1200-1.00%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - HoldRandgold Resources LtdFTSE 100Canaccord Genuity Corp475049003.20%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - Market PerformRSA Insurance GroupFTSE 100Sanford C. Bernstein & Co433.1430-0.70%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - HoldSage GroupFTSE 100Canaccord Genuity Corp479.8422-12.00%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - Market PerformStandard LifeFTSE 100Sanford C. Bernstein & Co482.7420-13.00%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - Market PerformAmlinFTSE 250Sanford C. Bernstein & Co518435-16.00%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - Market PerformCatlin Group LtdFTSE 250Sanford C. Bernstein & Co704700-0.60%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - HoldCentaminFTSE 250Canaccord Genuity Corp53.556521.40%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - HoldFerrexpoFTSE 250Numis Securities Ltd56607.10%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - Market PerformHiscox LtdFTSE 250Sanford C. Bernstein & Co820690-15.90%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - Sector PerformHochschild MiningFTSE 250RBC Capital Markets75.59019.20%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - HoldMoneysupermarket.com GroupFTSE 250Canaccord Genuity Corp272.92781.90%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - HoldPetropavlovskFTSE 250Canaccord Genuity Corp4.855.023.50%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - NeutralPremier OilFTSE 250Exane BNP Paribas14619130.80%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - Market PerformProvident FinancialFTSE 250Keefe, Bruyette & Woods28392825-0.50%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - HoldRathbone BrothersFTSE 250Numis Securities Ltd220022602.70%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - HoldSDLFTSE 250Canaccord Genuity Corp435431-0.90%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - HoldSpirent CommunicationsFTSE 250Canaccord Genuity Corp85.7580-6.70%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - Market PerformSt James's PlaceFTSE 250Sanford C. Bernstein & Co97610305.50%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - NeutralWilliam HillFTSE 250HSBC389.9385-1.30%

'Sell' Broker Ratings

DateCompanyIndexBrokerLast PriceTarget PricePotential Downside
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - SellARM HoldingsFTSE 100AlphaValue1197997-16.70%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - SellBG GroupFTSE 100AlphaValue856.8715-16.50%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - ReduceBPFTSE 100AlphaValue438.55399-9.00%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - ReduceBurberry GroupFTSE 100AlphaValue18761735-7.50%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - ReduceCompass GroupFTSE 100AlphaValue11961064-11.00%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - ReduceDiageoFTSE 100AlphaValue1938.51858-4.20%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - ReduceHammersonFTSE 100AlphaValue685642-6.30%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - UnderperformHargreaves LansdownFTSE 100Sanford C. Bernstein & Co1203795-33.90%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - ReduceImperial Tobacco GroupFTSE 100AlphaValue317531830.30%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - ReduceInmarsatFTSE 100AlphaValue936.5906-3.30%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - ReduceJohnson MattheyFTSE 100AlphaValue33573127-6.90%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - ReduceReckitt Benckiser GroupFTSE 100AlphaValue59155287-10.60%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - ReduceReed ElsevierFTSE 100AlphaValue117511760.10%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - ReduceRoyal Dutch ShellFTSE 100AlphaValue202620792.60%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - ReduceSABMillerFTSE 100AlphaValue3682.53573-3.00%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - UnderperformSerco GroupFTSE 100RBC Capital Markets172.4150-13.00%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - UnderperformSmiths GroupFTSE 100RBC Capital Markets12131100-9.30%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - ReduceSSEFTSE 100AlphaValue155315620.60%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - ReduceTescoFTSE 100AlphaValue243.4240-1.40%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - ReduceUnileverFTSE 100AlphaValue28962679-7.50%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - SellUnited Utilities GroupFTSE 100AlphaValue944788-16.50%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - ReduceWhitbreadFTSE 100AlphaValue54155322-1.70%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - ReduceWM Morrison SupermarketsFTSE 100AlphaValue205184-10.20%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - ReduceColt Group SAFTSE 250AlphaValue140.11496.40%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - UnderperformEnQuestFTSE 250RBC Capital Markets39.7535-11.90%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - ReduceHikma PharmaceuticalsFTSE 250AlphaValue221523104.30%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - UnderweightLadbrokesFTSE 250HSBC111.2100-10.10%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - SellLondon Stock Exchange GroupFTSE 250AlphaValue25552174-14.90%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - ReduceMeggittFTSE 250AlphaValue580.55830.40%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - ReduceTravis PerkinsFTSE 250AlphaValue19911963-1.40%

This is Not Investment Advice

IG Index » "With IG Index you get all the normal advantages of
Spread Betting plus 8000 markets, narrow spreads, advanced charting,
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Trading Tips, Broker Ratings and What If?

Looking at the broker ratings for 16 March 2016, ARM Holdings last traded at 995.0p but Bryan Garnier & Cie think that the ARM Holdings share price could increase by 31.70% and hit 1310p.

Of course, investors should remember that these 'broker recommendations' are just opinions and they shouldn't be taken as investment advice.

However, your own analysis may also suggest that the ARM Holdings share price is looking undervalued.

If you wanted to speculate on ARM Holdings and the last price was 995.0p then remember that, in order to create the 'spread', companies like Financial Spreads typically only add 0.05% to either side of the underlying market.

Therefore, Financial Spreads might give the ARM Holdings market a spread of 994.3p - 995.7p.

This means that you can spread bet on the share price to:

  Trading Tips, Broker Ratings and What If? Rise above 995.7p, or
  Trading Tips, Broker Ratings and What If? Fall below 994.3p

When you spread bet on UK equities you trade in x per penny. So if you risked 4 per penny and the ARM Holdings share price changes by 5p then that would change your profits (or losses) by 20. 4 per penny x 5p = 20.

Rolling Daily Markets

When spread betting, most investors like to trade shares using 'rolling' trades like the Financial Spreads 'Rolling Daily' markets.

There is no set closing date for a Rolling Daily market. If your trade is still open at the end of the trading day, it will rollover to the next day.

If your trade rolls over and you are spread betting on the market to:

  Trading Tips, Broker Ratings and What If? Rise, then you'll be charged a small overnight financing fee, or
  Trading Tips, Broker Ratings and What If? Fall, then you'll often receive a small credit to your account

Note that Rolling Daily markets are available with firms like InterTrader, Financial Spreads and Capital Spreads. With these firms the financing fee is usually charged at LIBOR + 2%. For more detail, see Rolling Daily markets.

What if the Broker Rating is Right?

Broker Ratings - UK Shares Buy Let's say you see the Bryan Garnier & Cie 'Buy' rating for ARM Holdings and your own analysis of the share price also suggests the FTSE 100 company is undervalued.

Therefore, if one of the spread betting companies is showing a spread of 994.3p - 995.7p you could buy at 995.7p.

So let's say you buy the market for 2 per penny. If so, you make a:
  • Profit of 2 for every penny that the ARM Holdings shares move higher than 995.7p.
  • Loss of 2 for every penny that the share price falls below 995.7p.

How to work out your P&L:

  Trading Tips, Broker Ratings and What If? If you Buy a spread bet:
  1. Calculate how far the market has moved by subtracting the Opening Price of the market from the Closing Price (this could be a negative number)

  2. Multiply that price difference by your stake to give your P&L

  Trading Tips, Broker Ratings and What If? If you Sell a spread bet:
  1. Calculate how far the market has moved by subtracting the Closing Price of the market from the Opening Price (this could be a negative number)

  2. Multiply that price difference by your stake to give your P&L

Back to the example.

Let's say the share price does increase by 31.70% and gets to the Bryan Garnier & Cie target price of 1310p.

If so, the spread betting market might move to 1309.0p - 1311.0p. Therefore, you could guarantee your profit and close your trade by selling at 1309.0p.

So, with the same 2 stake your profit would be calculated as:

P&L = (Closing Price - Opening Price) x stake
P&L = (1309.0p - 995.7p) x 2 per penny stake
P&L = 313.3p x 2 per penny stake
P&L = 626.60 profit

What if the Broker Rating is Wrong?

Broker Ratings - UK Shares Sell Of course your research could be wrong, as could the broker's opinion. Let's say the FTSE 100 company fell by 25% to 746.3p.

If so, the spread could move to 745.7p - 746.9p.

Therefore, rather than incur a lot of overnight rolling costs, and run the risk of a further drop in the share price, you might choose to close your position in order to restrict your losses.

With the spread now at 745.7p - 746.9p you would close your trade by selling at 745.7p. If so, you would lose:

P&L = (Closing Price - Opening Price) x stake
P&L = (745.7p - 995.7p) x 2 per penny stake
P&L = -250.0p x 2 per penny stake
P&L = -500.00 loss

Please note that the above prices and spreads are for example purposes only.

Spread Betting Costs

Note that a 31.70% move is a large move so your trade may have been open for some time. If so, your P&L would need to be adjusted by any rollover/overnight financing fees.

If a company goes ex-dividend whilst your trade is open then that can also add an extra cost to any buy trades and an extra profit to any sell trades.

IG Index » "With IG Index you get all the normal advantages of
Spread Betting plus 8000 markets, narrow spreads, advanced charting,
24 hour spread betting ..." » read IG Index review.

Risk Warning: Financial Spread Trading and CFDs carry a high level of risk to your capital. You may lose more than your initial investment. They may not be suitable for all investors. Only speculate with money that you can afford to lose. Please ensure you fully understand the risks involved and seek independent financial advice where necessary.

Article provided / approved by IG which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), FCA Register number 114059.

'Broker Ratings' edited by IG Index, updated 19-Mar-15

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