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Spread Betting on BP

BP Spread Betting

Where Can I Spread Bet on BP?

Currently, you can take a view on BP by opening an account with a number of spread betting companies:

IG Index
Broker Ratings - Sponsored by IG

BP Broker Ratings

A look at the latest BP broker ratings:

DateBroker Rating Broker Last Price Target Price Potential Upside / Downside
11-Mar-16Brokers Tips - NeutralNeutralExane BNP Paribas349.2325-6.90%
10-Mar-16Brokers Tips - OverweightOverweightBarclays349.2555057.50%
09-Mar-16Brokers Tips - NeutralNeutralExane BNP Paribas353.3325-8.00%
08-Mar-16Brokers Tips - OutperformOutperformBernstein362.142016.00%
03-Mar-16Brokers Tips - BuyBuySociete Generale355.73755.40%
23-Feb-16Brokers Tips - BuyBuyHSBC351.7540515.10%
04-Feb-16Brokers Tips - AddAddAlphaValue34438511.90%
02-Feb-16Brokers Tips - Equalwt/AttractiveEqualwt/AttractiveMorgan Stanley341.7539515.60%
27-Jan-16Brokers Tips - OutperformOutperformBMO Capital Markets353.542018.80%
19-Jan-16Brokers Tips - BuyBuyCanaccord Genuity344.750045.10%
18-Jan-16Brokers Tips - Market PerformMarket PerformBernstein335.7547541.50%
12-Jan-16Brokers Tips - HoldHoldGrupo Santander326.640524.00%
08-Jan-16Brokers Tips - OverweightOverweightBarclays335.0560079.10%
24-Dec-15Brokers Tips - BuyBuyAlphaValue365.142416.10%
15-Dec-15Brokers Tips - OutperformOutperformBernstein335.145034.30%
14-Dec-15Brokers Tips - NeutralNeutralOddo & Cie336.339016.00%
10-Dec-15Brokers Tips - OutperformOutperformBernstein352.0545027.80%
07-Dec-15Brokers Tips - Sector PerformSector PerformRBC Capital Markets352.141016.40%
04-Dec-15Brokers Tips - NeutralNeutralMacquarie369.6350-5.30%
24-Nov-15Brokers Tips - HoldHoldGrupo Santander380.1542010.50%
06-Nov-15Brokers Tips - OutperformOutperformBMO Capital Markets393.645014.30%
05-Nov-15Brokers Tips - Neutral/NeutralNeutral/NeutralGoldman Sachs390.65380-2.70%
28-Oct-15Brokers Tips - HoldHoldSociete Generale384.154055.40%
27-Oct-15Brokers Tips - Underwt/AttractiveUnderwt/AttractiveMorgan Stanley389.5543010.40%
20-Oct-15Brokers Tips - AddAddAlphaValue371.941712.10%

For the latest UK broker ratings see Daily Trading Tips.

This is Not Investment Advice

Where Can I Find Live Prices and Charts for BP?

This CFD chart will provide users with a handy view of the BP share price.

The above chart from Plus 500 is usually based on the near-term BP futures contract (not the daily market).

If you'd like to analyse real time financial spread betting prices/charts for BP, you may require a spread betting account.

You can also use a spreads account to speculate on shorter term daily prices. Note that all such accounts are normally dependent on status, credit and suitability checks.

Should your new account be accepted then you can log in and check the real-time prices and charts. Usually, these will be free, however, you might receive an occasional letter and/or sales call from your chosen financial spread betting broker.

Of course, if you do decide to trade, remember that CFDs and spread trading do involve a high level of risk to your funds and it's possible to lose more than your initial investment.

For more, see below for advanced BP charts.

BP Analysis & News

Date Trading Update
03-Oct-17 [11:49am]

BP Share Price Update:

Rising Share Price The shares are currently trading higher than the 20 day MA of 467.4p and higher than the 50 day MA of 456.7p.
  • Current Price(i): 483.9p
  • Closing Price: 488.2p
  • Falling Share Price 1 Day Change: Down -0.46%
  • Rising Share Price 5 Day Change: Up 2.27%

Long-Term BP.L Data

  • 52 Week High 52 Week High: 521.2p
  • 52 Week Low 52 Week Low: 432.2p
  • EPS(i): £0.15
  • PE Ratio(i): 32.8
  • Volume / Average Volume(i): 4.800m / 21.314m
  • Market Cap(i): £96,232m
  • Shares Outstanding(i): 19,889m
Price data from Google Finance. Also see Live BP.L Share Price & Charts and About BP for more information.

Update by Jenna Cutly, Editor, CleanFinancial
03-Feb-15 [10:17am]

Crude Oil Continues Rebound as Some Traders Call a Bottom

WTI has surged by 10% over the last two sessions, trading at $49.88 and targetting $50 per barrel as some predict that a bottom has been reached in the 7 month downtrend.

Oil major BP beat profit expectations despite taking a £3.6bn impairment charge, with the stock rallying 4% to 455p.

Update by David Papier, Sales Trader, ETX Capital
15-Jan-15 [2:17pm]

BP Should Sack the CEO and Cut the Dividend

With the energy sector starting to show serious signs of struggling, with major projects being cancelled, IG talk to Malcolm Graham-Wood about what he expects for the price of oil, global supply and demand and the future of OPEC.

Mr Graham-Wood also talks about BP's operations in the North Sea and questions the position of its CEO after several management mistakes including what he sees as an 'irresponsible' hike in the dividend.

Update by IG Index
03-Nov-14 [8:30am]

Will BP's Russian Links Help or Hinder the Firm?

The oil major remains one of the most heavily exposed to the Russian market, which brings both political risk and necessary access to the Arctic drilling regions.

In this quick update, IG discuss the outlook for the firm and its share price, particuarly as the price of crude oil continues to decline.

Update by IG Index
13-Nov-13 [8:03am] BP has signed a key oil trade deal with Rosneft (the Russian oil behemoth).

Rosneft said is plans to sell about £3.7bn ($6bn) worth of refined products to BP, establishing BP among its biggest buyers after years without any such deal.

There's more on this story on City AM.

Update by Gordon Childs, Editor, CleanFinancial
04-Oct-13 [6:30am]

Relief for BP Investors

The oil giant has won its first legal victory in its campaign to limit its compensation settlement for the 2010 Deepwater Horizon disaster.

For more on this see the FT story - BP wins spill compensation.

Update by Jenna Cutly, Editor, CleanFinancial
13-Sep-07 [10:10am]

Typical Elements that can Affect the BP Share Price

High crude oil trading prices should have helped BP.

However they have experienced operational problems such as damage to a North Sea pipeline as well as a fall in US Natural Gas prices and smaller margins on refining.

BP has still not recovered from the Texas City accident (2005). Delayed production units like its flagship projects Atlantis and Thunder Horse in the Gulf of Mexico have also helped dent the share price.

Having said that Tony Hayward suggested that 2007 Q4 revenues would improve with 250,000 barrels per days via Atlantis. The Texas City refinery should be fully operational by the New Year but it's not known when it will be at full capacity.

Update by Jacob Wood, Editor, CleanFinancial

Readers please note:

About BP

Advanced Charts for BP

Whilst charting software and packages tend to differ between firms, in order to assist you with your technical analysis, they generally have user friendly features and tools that include:
  • A broad variety of time periods, for example, 2 minutes, 1 hour, 1 week and so on
  • Different chart types, for example, line charts and candlestick charts
  • Tools for adding features, for example, Fibonacci retracements and trendlines

Charts on Financial Spreads also offer other benefits like:
  • Tailored Indicators, BackTesting and Analysis tools
  • Important overlays, for example, Exponential Moving Average, Ichimoku Cloud, Price Channels and so on
  • Secondary technical charts, for example, True Strength Index, Standard Deviation, Price and Volume Trend and so on
  • Customised email alerts for when the markets hit a specific price

Sample trading chart

BP Trading Guide - Example Chart

The online spread betting brokers in the following list offer account holders charts and live prices:
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You can spread bet on BP with Financial Spreads.

Where Can I Spread Bet on BP for Free?

Investing in the markets is not without its risks. However, if you want to try a Practice Account (free), where you can trial financial spread betting on a broad range of markets, please see below for further details.

When thinking about which trading option is right for you, also remember that, in the UK, spread trading is tax free*, i.e. it is exempt from income tax, capital gains tax and stamp duty.

Assuming you want a free online spread trading platform then note that you can trade BP without having to pay any brokers' fees through firms like:

Free Demo Account

If you are interested in a virtual money Demo Account / Practice Account where you are able to get to grips with financial spread betting, and markets like BP, then you could look at: The above spread betting companies currently provide a free Practice Account that allows users to analyse charts, apply orders and try out trading strategies.

How to Spread Bet on BP

How to Spread Bet on BP?

If you decide to invest in firms like BP then one possibility is to spread trade on the BP share price.

Looking at a financial spread betting platform like capital spreads, you can see they are currently pricing the BP Rolling Daily market at 446.7p - 447.3p. This means you can put a spread bet on the BP shares:

  BP Spread Betting Example Moving higher than 447.3p, or
  BP Trading Example Moving lower than 446.7p

Whilst financial spread trading on FTSE 350 equities you trade in £x per penny. As a result, if you choose to have a stake of £2 per penny and the BP shares move 28p then that would change your bottom line by £56. £2 per penny x 28p = £56.

Rolling Daily Equities Markets

Note that this is a Rolling Daily Market and therefore there is no predetermined settlement date for this market. If you leave your position open at the end of the day, it just rolls over to the next day.

If you allow your position to roll over and are spread betting on the market to:

  BP Trading Example Move up - then you are charged a small overnight financing fee, or
  BP Trading Example Move down - then a small payment is often credited to your account

For a fully worked example see Rolling Daily Spread Betting.

BP Rolling Daily - Equities Trading Example

So, if you continue with the spread of 446.7p - 447.3p and make the assumptions that:
  • You have analysed the equities market, and
  • Your research suggests that the BP share price looks like it will go above 447.3p
Then you could decide to go long of the market at 447.3p and risk, let’s say, £5 per penny.

This means that you win £5 for every penny that the BP shares rise higher than 447.3p. However, such a bet also means that you will make a loss of £5 for every penny that the BP market decreases below 447.3p.

Thinking of this in a slightly different way, if you were to ‘Buy’ a spread bet then your profits (or losses) are found by taking the difference between the final price of the market and the initial price you bought the spread at. You then multiply that price difference by the stake.

Therefore, if after a few trading sessions the share price rose then you might consider closing your spread bet in order to guarantee your profit. Taking this a step further, if the market rose then the spread, determined by the spread betting firm, could change to 468.6p - 469.2p. You would settle/close your trade by selling at 468.6p. Therefore, with the same £5 stake this trade would result in a profit of:

P&L = (Final Level - Initial Level) x stake
P&L = (468.6p - 447.3p) x £5 per penny stake
P&L = 21.3p x £5 per penny stake
P&L = £106.50 profit

Trading equities, by spread trading or otherwise, is not always easy. With this example, you had bet that the share price would increase. Naturally, it could fall.

If the BP shares had fallen then you could choose to close your trade in order to limit your losses.

So if the spread pulled back to 422.7p - 423.3p then you would settle/close your trade by selling at 422.7p. So your loss would be calculated as:

P&L = (Final Level - Initial Level) x stake
P&L = (422.7p - 447.3p) x £5 per penny stake
P&L = -24.6p x £5 per penny stake
P&L = -£123.00 loss

Note - BP Rolling Daily market correct as of 17-Oct-12.

Advert: Spread Betting on BP, sponsored by
You can spread bet on BP with Financial Spreads.

Trading Risk Warning
'Spread Betting on BP' edited by Jacob Wood, updated 03-Oct-17

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