Guide to Spread Betting on Dominos with Analysis on Broker Ratings on the LON:DOM Share Price
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Dominos Spread Betting

Dominos Spread Betting

Where Can I Spread Bet on Dominos?

At the moment, investors are able to trade Dominos by trading with any of the following providers:

IG Index
Broker Ratings - Sponsored by IG

Dominos Broker Ratings

A look at the latest Dominos broker ratings:

DateBroker Rating Broker Last Price Target Price Potential Upside / Downside
03-Mar-16Brokers Tips - BuyBuyNumis1045127522.00%
19-Feb-16Brokers Tips - HoldHoldCanaccord Genuity101811008.10%
08-Feb-16Brokers Tips - BuyBuyNumis894120034.20%
22-Jan-16Brokers Tips - HoldHoldCanaccord Genuity919110019.70%
05-Jan-16Brokers Tips - BuyBuyNumis1039120015.50%
16-Oct-15Brokers Tips - HoldHoldCanaccord Genuity101811008.10%
06-Oct-15Brokers Tips - BuyBuyNumis901.5100010.90%
02-Oct-15Brokers Tips - HoldHoldCanaccord Genuity901.59657.00%
21-Aug-15Brokers Tips - HoldHoldCanaccord Genuity9199655.00%
07-Aug-15Brokers Tips - HoldHoldCanaccord Genuity898750-16.50%
28-Jul-15Brokers Tips - BuyBuyNumis Securities Ltd834100019.90%
24-Jul-15Brokers Tips - HoldHoldCanaccord Genuity Corp809.5750-7.40%
22-Jul-15Brokers Tips - OverweightOverweightBarclays7938507.20%
21-Jul-15Brokers Tips - BuyBuyNumis Securities Ltd79698523.70%
26-Jun-15Brokers Tips - HoldHoldCanaccord Genuity788.5750-4.90%
26-May-15Brokers Tips - BuyBuyNumis Securities Ltd79798523.60%
14-Apr-15Brokers Tips - BuyBuyNumis Securities Ltd822.598519.80%
19-Mar-15Brokers Tips - BuyBuyNumis Securities Ltd7788509.30%
11-Mar-15Brokers Tips - EqualweightEqualweightBarclays7327603.80%
03-Mar-15Brokers Tips - HoldHoldCanaccord Genuity Corp740.57501.30%
02-Mar-15Brokers Tips - BuyBuyNumis Securities Ltd73585015.60%
12-Feb-15Brokers Tips - AddAddNumis Securities Ltd66878016.80%
06-Feb-15Brokers Tips - HoldHoldCanaccord Genuity Corp654.575014.60%
23-Jan-15Brokers Tips - HoldHoldCanaccord Genuity Corp66875012.30%
15-Jan-15Brokers Tips - EqualweightEqualweightBarclays683552-19.20%

For the latest UK broker ratings see Daily Trading Tips.

This is Not Investment Advice

Dominos Analysis & News

Date Trading Update
03-Oct-17 [11:49am]

Dominos Share Price Update:

Rising Share Price The shares are above the 20 day MA of 292.7p and above the 50 day MA of 279.5p.
  • Current Price(i): 307.6p
  • Closing Price: 312.3p
  • Falling Share Price 1 Day Change: Down -0.13%
  • Rising Share Price 5 Day Change: Up 0.68%

Long-Term DOM.L Data

  • 52 Week High 52 Week High: 394.7p
  • 52 Week Low 52 Week Low: 255.8p
  • EPS(i): £0.14
  • PE Ratio(i): 21.96
  • Volume / Average Volume(i): 0.638m / 1.912m
  • Market Cap(i): £1,507m
  • Shares Outstanding(i): 490m
Price data from Google Finance. Also see Live DOM.L Share Price & Charts and About Dominos for more information.

Update by Jenna Cutly, Editor, CleanFinancial
03-Oct-13 [5:45pm]

Hold Domino's Pizza!

According to the Daily Telegraph Questor column the pizza company soared by 5% in morning trading as it revealed the UK's appetite for pizza remains undimmed, whatever the weather.

The home delivery firms said in Q3 trading update that sales had continued to rise despite the warm summer.

Sales for the 13 weeks ended 29 September increased by double digits, leaving sales for the year to date up 11.1% at £438m.

The strong trading should provide the sales momentum necessary to hit full year, pretax profit forecasts of £48.5m, giving 23.2p in earnings per share. However, it looks like much of this good news is now in the price.

The shares trade on a 2013 forecast multiple of 27.3 times, falling to 24.1 times next year.

That kind of rating requires rapid growth in sales and profits; in this respect there are some concerns.

Domino's is undoubtedly a growing company but that rate looks quite a stretch, as does the rating on the share price. The cash generated by the business is also falling.

Overall, Domino's is a solid company which has grown rapidly in the UK, and the shares are up almost 25% year-to-date but it is difficult to see where it, or the shares, can go from here.

With Domino's Pizza up 21.5p at 610.5p Questor says Hold. For more see Dominos Pizza now a hold.

Update by Jenna Cutly, Editor, CleanFinancial

Readers please note:

About Dominos

Where Can I Spread Bet on Dominos for Free?

Investing, by its very nature, is not without risk, however, if you want to open a (free) Test Account, that lets you try out spread betting on a large variety of markets, then see below for further details.

When looking at which investment option might work for you, don't forget that in the UK, spread trading is currently tax free*, i.e. there is no stamp duty, income tax or capital gains tax.

If you want to try a low cost trading platform, note that you are able to trade Dominos with no brokers' fees and no commissions via companies like:

Free Demo Account

If you're looking for a free Practice Account / Test Account where users are able to try out financial spread betting, and trading markets like EUR/USD, the FTSE 100, gold and Dominos, then have a look at: All of the above spread betting companies provide a free Practice Account which investors can use to use professional level charts, practice with a variety of orders and test new trading strategies.

How to Spread Bet on Dominos

How to Spread Bet on Dominos?

If an investor is looking to speculate on UK listed companies like Dominos then one option could be spread betting on the Dominos share price.

Looking at a financial spread betting site like Capitalspreads, you can see they are showing the Dominos Rolling Daily market at 503.3p - 505.7p. Therefore, you can put a spread bet on the Dominos share price:

  Dominos Spread Betting Example Moving above 505.7p, or
  Dominos Trading Example Moving below 503.3p

When making a spread bet on UK equities you trade in £x per penny. So, if you risked £3 per penny and the Dominos shares move 27p then that would make a difference to your profit/loss of £81. £3 per penny x 27p = £81.

Rolling Daily Shares Markets

This is a Rolling Daily Market which means that there is no set settlement date for this market. As a result, if your trade is still open at the end of the trading day, it will just roll over into the next day.

If your spread bet is rolled over and you are speculating that the market will:

  Dominos Trading Example Rise - then you'll be charged a small overnight financing fee, or
  Dominos Trading Example Fall - then a small payment is often credited to your account

You can find more on Rolling Daily Markets, as well as a fully worked example, in our feature Rolling Daily Spread Betting.

Dominos Rolling Daily - Shares Trading Example

If we continue with the spread of 503.3p - 505.7p and make the assumptions:
  • You've done your equities research, and
  • You think the Dominos shares will push higher than 505.7p
Then you could decide that you want to go long of the market at 505.7p for a stake of £10 per penny.

Therefore, you make a profit of £10 for every penny that the Dominos shares rise above 505.7p. On the other hand, you will lose £10 for every penny that the Dominos market decreases below 505.7p.

Looked at another way, if you ‘Buy’ a spread bet then your profits (or losses) are found by taking the difference between the closing price of the market and the initial price you bought the market at. You then multiply that difference in price by the stake.

As a result, if after a few hours the shares started to increase then you might think about closing your spread bet and therefore lock in your profits. So if the market rose then the spread, set by the spread trading company, might change to 517.8p - 520.2p. You would close your trade by selling at 517.8p. So, with the same £10 stake you would make a profit of:

P&L = (Settlement Value - Opening Value) x stake
P&L = (517.8p - 505.7p) x £10 per penny stake
P&L = 12.1p x £10 per penny stake
P&L = £121.00 profit

Speculating on shares, by spread trading or otherwise, doesn't always go to plan. In this example, you had bet that the share price would go up. Naturally, the share price might decrease.

If the Dominos share price began to fall then you might decide to settle/close your trade to limit your losses.

So if the market fell to 491.8p - 494.2p then this means you would close your trade by selling at 491.8p. If so, this would result in a loss of:

P&L = (Settlement Value - Opening Value) x stake
P&L = (491.8p - 505.7p) x £10 per penny stake
P&L = -13.9p x £10 per penny stake
P&L = -£139.00 loss

Note: Dominos Rolling Daily market correct as of 31-Oct-12.

Where Can I Find Live Prices and Charts for Dominos?

If you would like to analyse prices/charts for Dominos, you might need a spread betting account. Opening such an account is subject to credit, status and suitability checks.

Should your account application be accepted then, when you log on, you will be able to review the real-time prices and charts. These are usually free, however, the catch is that you'll probably receive the occasional email or letter from your spread trading company.

Of course, if you do decide to spread bet then you should note that financial spread trading carries a high level of risk to your trading capital and you can lose more than your initial deposit.

Though charts can differ between firms, in order to help your trading analysis, most charts come with useful tools such as:
  • A number of different time intervals such as 5 minutes, 1 hour, 1 day and so on
  • Various chart views such as OHLC, line and candlestick charts
  • Drawing features and options such as Fibonacci Arcs, Time Zones and Fans

Charts with Inter Trader also have more advanced features like:
  • BackTesting tools and Customisable Indicators
  • Helpful overlays such as Bollinger Bands, EMA, Price Channels and so on
  • Technical indicator charts such as Relative Strength Index, Elder Rays, Volume Index and so on
  • Automated alerts that trigger when your chosen market reaches a specific price

Example shares chart

Dominos Trading Guide - Example Chart

The firms listed below give their account holders real time trading prices and charts:

Advert: Dominos Spread Betting, sponsored by
You can spread bet on Dominos with Financial Spreads.

Trading Risk Warning
'Dominos Spread Betting' edited by DB, updated 03-Oct-17

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