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Russ 2K Spread Betting

Russ 2K Spread Betting

Where Can I Spread Bet on the Russ 2K?

You can spread bet on the Russ 2K with firms like:

Russell 2000 Trading Updates

Date Trading Update
09-Oct-17 [11:18am]

Russell 2000 Futures Trading Report

  • The Russell 2000 is currently trading at 1,513.6.
  • In the last session, the market closed -3.5pts (-0.23%) lower at 1,510.5.
30 Minute Chart Analysis

Rising Stock Market The stock market index is trading above the 20 period MA of 1,513.1 and above the 50 period MA of 1,512.2.

1 Day Chart Analysis

Rising Stock Market The index is above the 20 DMA of 1,469.4 and above the 50 DMA of 1,422.0.

Update by Gordon Childs, Editor, CleanFinancial
15-Oct-14 [12:00pm] In an interesting look at the markets, the latest trading video on our blog asks:

Why is This Sell Off Different to Previous Buying Opportunities?

Update by Gordon Childs, Editor, CleanFinancial

» For more see Stock Market Trading News & Analysis.

Readers please note:

Advert: Russ 2K Spread Betting, sponsored by
You can spread bet on the Russ 2K with Financial Spreads.

Where Can I Spread Bet on the Russ 2K for Free?

Investing, by its very nature, always involves a degree of risk. Having said that, if you want to open an entirely free Demo Account, which lets you trial spread betting and access professional level charts, see below for more details.

When deciding which investment option is right for you, also remember that, in the UK, spread trading is exempt from income tax, stamp duty and capital gains tax*.

Assuming you want a low cost financial spread betting website then you should note that you are able to take a position on the Russ 2K without commissions or brokers' fees through firms like:

Free Demo Account

Should you want a virtual money Demo Account that lets you try out online spread betting, and speculating on markets such as the Russ 2K, then look at: Each of these spread trading firms provide a free Test Account that lets investors try out trading ideas, look at charts and apply a host of trading orders, e.g. stop losses and trailing stops.

How to Spread Bet on the Russ 2K

How to Spread Bet on the Russ 2K?

As with most key financial markets, it is possible to place a spread bet on stock market indices, such as the Russ 2K, to go up or down.

Looking at a platform like FinancialSpreads, you can see they are pricing the Russ 2K Rolling Daily market at 844.0 - 844.3. This means an investor could spread bet on the Russ 2K index:

  Russ 2K Spread Betting Example Rising higher than 844.3, or
  Russ 2K Trading Example Falling lower than 844.0

When financial spread trading on the Russ 2K index you trade in £x per 0.1 points. Therefore, should you decide to invest £3 per 0.1 points and the Russ 2K moves 3.5 points then that would change your profit/loss by £105. £3 per 0.1 points x 3.5 points = £105.

Rolling Daily Index Markets

It is important to note that this is a Rolling Daily Market and so unlike a normal spread betting futures market, there is no settlement date. If your trade is open at the end of the day, it will stay open and roll over into the next day.

If you do roll over a bet and you are spread betting that the market will:

  Russ 2K Trading Example Increase - then you are usually charged a small overnight financing fee, or
  Russ 2K Trading Example Decrease - then you'll usually receive a small credit to your account

You can find more on Rolling Daily Markets, as well as a fully worked example, in our feature Rolling Daily Spread Betting.

Russ 2K Rolling Daily - Indices Trading Example

So, if we consider the above spread of 844.0 - 844.3 and make the assumptions that:
  • You have completed your market research, and
  • You think that the Russ 2K index will push above 844.3
Then you may decide that you want to go long of the market at 844.3 and invest, for example, £3 per 0.1 points.

With such a spread bet you make a profit of £3 for every 0.1 points that the Russ 2K index increases higher than 844.3. Of course, you will make a loss of £3 for every 0.1 points that the Russ 2K market goes below 844.3.

Looking at this from another angle, if you were to ‘Buy’ a spread bet then your profits (or losses) are calculated by taking the difference between the final price of the market and the initial price you bought the market at. You then multiply that difference in price by your stake.

If after a few sessions the US stock market started to rise you might decide to close your position and therefore lock in your profits.

As an example, if the market increased then the spread, determined by the spread betting firm, could change to 848.3 - 848.6. You would settle your position by selling at 848.3. As a result, with the same £3 stake your profit would be calculated as:

Profits (or losses) = (Final Price - Opening Price) x stake
Profits (or losses) = (848.3 - 844.3) x £3 per 0.1 points stake
Profits (or losses) = 4.0 x £3 per 0.1 points stake
Profits (or losses) = £120 profit

Speculating on stock market indices, whether by spread betting or otherwise, can work against you. In this example, you wanted the US index to go up. Of course, it might fall.

If the Russ 2K market had fallen then you might choose to close your spread bet to limit your losses.

So if the spread fell to 839.9 - 840.2 you would close your position by selling at 839.9. Therefore, you would make a loss of:

Profits (or losses) = (Final Price - Opening Price) x stake
Profits (or losses) = (839.9 - 844.3) x £3 per 0.1 points stake
Profits (or losses) = -4.4 x £3 per 0.1 points stake
Profits (or losses) = -£132 loss

Note - Russ 2K Rolling Daily index market accurate as of 11-Sep-12.

Where Can I Find Live Prices and Charts for the Russ 2K?

If you'd like to analyse real time trading prices and charts for the Russ 2K, an option is to use a financial spread betting account. Note that opening any such account is normally dependent on credit and status checks.

Should your account application be accepted then you will be able to log in and study the prices and charts. On most platforms, these will be free. What's the catch? You could get an occasional email and/or call from the spread betting provider.

Of course, if you decide to trade then, before you start, be aware that financial spread betting carries a high level of risk to your capital and can result in losses that exceed your initial deposit.

Despite the fact that charts can vary from provider to provider, to aid your trading, they often come with user friendly tools and features such as:
  • A range of time intervals such as 3 minutes, 2 hours, 1 week etc.
  • Various chart types such as line and candlestick charts
  • Drawing tools such as Trendlines, Fibonacci Time Zones, Fans and Arcs
  • Overlays and indicators such as MACD, RSI etc.
The charts provided by Tradefair also have more advanced aspects, including:
  • Back Testing tools
  • Automated email alerts that trigger when the markets hit a particular level

Sample indices candlestick chart

Russ 2K Trading Guide - Example Chart

The spread trading brokers listed below give their account holders charts and live prices:

Advert: Russ 2K Spread Betting, sponsored by
You can spread bet on the Russ 2K with Financial Spreads.

Trading Risk Warning
'Russ 2K Spread Betting' edited by Jacob Wood, updated 09-Oct-17

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