Poland 20 Stock Market Spread Betting Guide
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Poland 20 Spread Betting Guide

Poland 20 Spread Betting

Where Can I Spread Bet on the Poland 20?

You can currently spread bet on the Poland 20 and other indices at:

» IG
» City Index

The Poland 20 index may be available with other brokers.

Where Can I Trade the Poland 20 for Free?

It depends upon what you mean by free. If you are looking for a free spread betting platform then don't forget that in the UK spread betting is tax free*

You can also spread bet on the Poland 20 and other index markets commission free and with no brokers' fees with IG Index.

Where Can I Find Free Live Poland 20 Prices?

If you want to access quick live market information then you could do worse than opening an account with a spread betting company like IG Index.

Also, you don't have to trade with them, if you just open an account (which is free to do) then their data is free. The catch? You'll get the odd email or letter from them. In the example below you can also see that their free charts are also useful.

Where Can I Find Live Prices and Charts for the Poland 20?

This CFD trading chart will give readers a valuable guide to the Poland 20 index market.

The Plus 500 chart that we use above usually follows the Poland 20 futures contract.

If you want to spread betting prices and live charts for the Poland 20 (Warsaw Stock Exchange), you generally need a spread trading account.

Please note that all accounts are subject to suitability and status checks.

If you want to trade, remember that CFDs and financial spread betting carry a high level of risk and you may lose more than your initial investment.

Poland 20 Charts Example

As mentioned above, you can get free charts with spread betting companies like IG.

As with most candlestick charts, you can alter the charts to see market data by the minute, by the hour, by the week etc. There are also a number of other settings designed to help you analyse the markets.

Example Stock Market Charts:

Indices Spread Betting Candlestick Charts

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How to Spread Bet on the Poland 20

How to Spread Bet on the Poland 20?

As with a wide variety of financial markets, you are able to place a spread bet on indices, like the Poland 20, to go up or down.

If an investor was to look at the IGIndex website, they are currently valuing the Poland 20 March Futures market at 2665 - 2676. This means an investor can spread trade on the Poland 20 market:
  • Settling above 2676, or
  • Settling below 2665
On the settlement date for this 'March' market, 18-Mar-11.

When making a spread bet on the Poland 20 index you trade in £x per point. As a result, if you decided to have a stake of £4 per point and the Poland 20 moves 5 points then that would be a difference to your bottom line of £20. £4 per point x 5 points = £20.

For short term trading on a range of indices also see Indices Rolling Daily Spread Betting.

Poland 20 Futures Spread Betting Example

Now, if we think about the spread of 2665 - 2676 and make the assumptions:
  • You have analysed the indices markets, and
  • You think that the Poland 20 index will finish higher than 2676 by 18-Mar-11
Then you could decide that you want to buy a spread bet at 2676 for a stake of, for the sake of argument, £2 per point.

With such a bet you win £2 for every point that the Poland 20 index pushes above 2676. However, such a bet also means that you will make a loss of £2 for every point that the Poland 20 market falls lower than 2676.

Put another way, should you ‘Buy’ a spread bet then your profit/loss is found by taking the difference between the closing price of the market and the price you bought the market at. You then multiply that difference in price by your stake.

So if, on the closing date, the Poland 20 index settled at 2730, then:

Profit = (Settlement Price - Opening Price) x stake
Profit = (2730 - 2676) x £2 per point stake
Profit = 54 x £2 per point stake
Profit = £108.00 profit

Trading indices, by spread betting or otherwise, is not simple. In this case, you wanted the index to rise. Nevertheless, it can also decrease.

If the Warsaw Stock Exchange dropped and the Poland 20 decreased to close at 2618, then you would end up making a loss and losing money on this spread bet.

Loss = (Settlement Price - Opening Price) x stake
Loss = (2618 - 2676) x £2 per point stake
Loss = -58 x £2 per point stake
Loss = -£116.00 loss

Note - Poland 20 March Futures spread correct as of 24-Feb-11.

Trading Risk Warning
'Poland 20 Stock Market Spread Betting' edited by Jacob Wood, updated 23-Dec-13

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