Hungary 12 Financial Spread Betting Guide
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Hungary 12 Spread Betting

Hungary 12 Spread Betting

Where Can I Spread Bet on the Hungary 12?

You can currently spread bet on the Hungary 12 and other indices at:

» IG
» GFT (Offers Hungary 14 market)

The Hungary 12 index may be available with other brokers.

Where Can I Trade the Hungary 12 for Free?

It depends upon what you mean by free. If you are looking for a free spread betting platform then don't forget that in the UK spread betting is tax free*

You can also spread bet on the Hungary 12 and other index markets commission free and with no brokers' fees with IG Index.

Where Can I Find Live Prices and Charts for the Hungary 12?

The real-time CFD chart and prices below provides you with a useful insight into the Hungary 12 index.

The Plus500 chart above usually tracks the Hungary 12 futures contract.

Should you want to analyse real-time financial spread betting charts and prices for the Hungary 12, you might need a spread trading account.

Please note that all such accounts are normally dependent on credit, suitability and status checks.

Should your new account be approved then you can log in to see the real time trading charts and prices. Usually, these are free, however, the catch is that you're likely to get the occasional call or newsletter from the relevant financial spread betting firm.

If you do trade then, before starting, remember that CFD trading and financial spread betting involve a significant level of risk and can result in you losing more than your initial investment.

Hungary 12 Charts Example

As mentioned above, you can get free charts with spread betting companies like IG.

As with most candlestick charts, you can alter the charts to see market data by the minute, by the hour, by the week etc. There are also a number of other settings designed to help you analyse the markets.

Example Stock Market Charts:

Indices Spread Betting Candlestick Charts

Where Can I Find Free Live Hungary 12 Prices?

If you want to access quick live market information then you could do worse than opening an account with a spread betting company like IG Index.

Also, you don't have to trade with them, if you just open an account (which is free to do) then their data is free. The catch? You'll get the odd email or letter from them. In the example below you can also see that their free charts are also useful.

How to Spread Bet on the Hungary 12

How to Spread Bet on the Hungary 12?

As with a wide variety of global financial markets, it is possible to spread bet on stock market indices, like the Hungary 12, to either rise or fall.

If an investor was to look at the IGIndex spread trading website, they are currently showing the Hungary 12 December Futures market at 23006 - 23225. As a result, an investor could spread trade on the Hungary 12 index:
  • Finishing above 23225, or
  • Finishing below 23006
On the closing date for this 'December' market, 16-Dec-11.

When making a spread bet on the Hungary 12 index you trade in £x per point. Therefore, if you risked £0.40 per point and the Hungary 12 moves 150 points then that would alter your profit/loss by £60. £0.40 per point x 150 points = £60.

For short term trading on indices also see Indices Rolling Daily Spread Betting.

Hungary 12 Futures Trading Example

If we consider the above spread of 23006 - 23225 and make the assumptions:
  • You have done your market research, and
  • Your research leads you to feel that the Hungary 12 index will close above 23225 by 16-Dec-11
Then you may go long of the market at 23225 and risk, letís say, £0.20 per point.

With such a bet you make a profit of £0.20 for every point that the Hungary 12 index moves higher than 23225. On the other hand, it also means you will lose £0.20 for every point that the Hungary 12 market falls below 23225.

Looking at this from another angle, if you were to buy a spread bet then your profits (or losses) are worked out by taking the difference between the final price of the market and the price you bought the market at. You then multiply that difference in price by the stake.

So if, on the settlement date the Hungary 12 settled higher at 23690, then:

Profit / loss = (Closing Value - Opening Value) x stake
Profit / loss = (23690 - 23225) x £0.20 per point stake
Profit / loss = 465 x £0.20 per point stake
Profit / loss = £93.00 profit

Speculating on stock market indices, whether by spread betting or not, won't always go to plan. With this example, you wanted the index to rise. Naturally, it might fall.

If the Hungary 12 fell, closing lower at 22819, then you would end up making a loss.

Profit / loss = (Closing Value - Opening Value) x stake
Profit / loss = (22819 - 23225) x £0.20 per point stake
Profit / loss = -406 x £0.20 per point stake
Profit / loss = -£81.20 loss

Note: Hungary 12 December Futures spread betting market quoted as of 24-Feb-11.

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Trading Risk Warning
'Hungary 12 Spread Betting' edited by Jacob Wood, updated 13-Apr-17

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