Guide to Spread Betting on AT&T with Daily Updates and Live 'T' Prices & Charts
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AT&T Spread Betting

AT&T Spread Betting

Where Can I Spread Bet on AT&T?

Currently, investors are able to take a view on AT&T, plus a variety of similar spread trading markets, with:

Where Can I Find Live Prices and Charts for AT&T?

The real-time CFD chart and prices below gives readers a good guide to the AT&T market.

The chart above is from Plus500 and typically follows the underlying AT&T futures market (not the spot market).

To study spread betting prices and charts for AT&T, you might need a spread trading account.

In addition, a spreads account also lets you trade on spot markets. Note: Opening such an account is normally dependent on status and credit checks.

If your application is accepted then, when you log in, you will be able to analyse the up-to-the-minute trading charts/prices. Usually, these are free. Having said that, you could receive the occasional email or call from the relevant financial spread betting company.

If you do decide to trade then, before starting, remember that spread trading and CFD trading do involve a high level of risk to your funds and you could lose more than your initial deposit.

For more details, see Advanced AT&T Trading Charts below.

AT&T Analysis & News

Date Trading Update
03-Oct-17 [11:49am]

AT&T Share Price Update:

Rising Share Price The American shares are higher than the 20 day MA of $38.19 and higher than the 50 day MA of $37.99.
  • Closing Price: $38.59
  • Falling Share Price 1 Day Change: Down -2.33%
  • Falling Share Price 5 Day Change: Down -1.48%

Long-Term T Data

  • 52 Week High 52 Week High: $43.03
  • 52 Week Low 52 Week Low: $35.10
  • EPS(i): $2.13
  • PE Ratio(i): 18.14
  • Volume / Average Volume(i): 0.000m / 24.175m
  • Market Cap(i): $236,943m
  • Shares Outstanding(i): 6,140m
Price data from Google Finance. Also see Live T Share Price & Charts and About AT&T for more information.

Update by Jenna Cutly, Editor, CleanFinancial
30-Jan-14 [11:52am]

AT&T Q4 Update: Stock Closes Down -1.16% to $33.31

The telecoms giant reported Q4 EPS at $0.53 vs $0.44 in to Q4 2012. Revenues were up slightly at $33.2bn vs $32.6bn in Q4 2012.

The firm's statement said, "In 2014, AT&T expects continued consolidated revenue growth in the 2% to 3% range, including strength in wireless service and wireline consumer revenues."

Update by Jacob Wood, Editor, CleanFinancial

Readers please note:

About AT&T

Advanced Charting Packages for AT&T Shares

Though charts can vary across the industry, in order to assist you with your analysis, the charts generally have user friendly features that include:
  • Many different intervals, for example, 1 minute, 1 hour, 2 hours etc.
  • A variety of display options, for example, candle charts and OHLC charts
  • Tools for adding features, for example, trendlines, Fibonacci fans, arcs and time zones

The charts from also have more advanced features, including:
  • BackTesting, Tailored Indicators and Optimisation tools
  • Key overlays, for example, Bollinger Bands, Exponential Moving Average, Chande Kroll Stop etc.
  • More than 30 indicators, for example, Relative Momentum Index, ADX, Forecast Oscillator etc.
  • Custom alerts when the markets hit a pre-set price

Example equities trading chart

AT&T Trading Guide - Example Chart

The financial spread betting companies in the list below give their clients real-time trading prices/charts:
Advert: AT&T Spread Betting, sponsored by
You can spread bet on AT&T with Financial Spreads.

Where Can I Spread Bet on AT&T for Free?

Speculating on the financial markets involves a degree of risk, but if you want to try a Test Account (free), which lets you try spread betting on a variety of markets, please see below for more details.

When considering which trading option might work for you, don't forget that, in the UK, spread trading is exempt from income tax, stamp duty and capital gains tax*.

If you're interested in a free financial spread betting platform then keep in mind that investors can trade AT&T commission free and with no brokers' fees at:

Free Demo Account

If you want to open a free Test Account / Demo Account that lets users try spread betting, including markets like AT&T, then you could have a look at: The above spread trading companies provide a Practice Account which lets users gain experience with a variety of trading orders, check professional level charts and try out theories.

How to Spread Bet on AT&T

How to Spread Bet on AT&T?

Should an investor want to speculate on US listed companies such as AT&T then one option could be to place a spread bet on the AT&T share price.

Looking at a spread betting website like InterTrader, you can see they are pricing the AT&T Rolling Daily market at $35.26 - $35.31. Therefore, an investor could put a spread bet on the AT&T shares:

  AT&T Trading Example Rising above $35.31, or
  AT&T Spread Betting Example Falling below $35.26

Whilst spread betting on S&P 500 shares you trade in £x per cent. So, if you decided to have a stake of £5 per cent and the AT&T share price changes by $0.28 then there would be a difference to your bottom line of £140. £5 per cent x $0.28 = £140.

Note that you are also able to trade this market in Dollars or Euros, e.g. $x per cent.

Rolling Daily Equities Markets

Be aware that this is a Rolling Daily Market which means that there is no predetermined closing date for this market. If you leave your position open at the end of the day, it simply keeps rolling over into the next day.

If your trade is rolled over and you are speculating that the market will:

  AT&T Spread Betting Example Move up - then you'll usually be charged a small overnight financing fee, or
  AT&T Spread Betting Example Move down - then a small payment will usually be credited to your account

To see a fully worked example read Rolling Daily Spread Betting.

AT&T Rolling Daily - US Shares Spread Betting Example

Now, if you think about the spread of $35.26 - $35.31 and assume that:
  • You have completed your analysis of the company, and
  • Your research leads you to feel the AT&T share price is likely to increase and go higher than $35.31
Then you might choose to go long of the market at $35.31 for a stake of, for example, £3 per cent.

So, you gain £3 for every cent that the AT&T shares rise above $35.31. On the other hand, such a bet also means you will make a loss of £3 for every cent that the AT&T market moves below $35.31.

Considering this from another angle, if you were to ‘Buy’ a spread bet then your profits (or losses) are calculated by taking the difference between the settlement price of the market and the price you bought the market at. You then multiply that difference in price by your stake.

Therefore, if after a few days the stock moved higher then you could consider closing your position and therefore guarantee your profits. Taking this a step further, if the market rose then the spread, set by the spread trading firm, might move up to $35.73 - $35.78. In order to close your position you would sell at $35.73. So, with the same £3 stake your profit would be calculated as:

Profit = (Closing Price - Opening Price) x stake
Profit = ($35.73 - $35.31) x £3 per cent stake
Profit = $0.42 x £3 per cent stake
Profit = 42¢ x £3 per cent stake
Profit = £126 profit

Trading equities, by spread trading or otherwise, is not always simple. With this example, you had bet that the share price would go up. Naturally, it could decrease.

If the AT&T share price dropped then you could close your spread bet to limit your losses.

So if the market fell to $34.83 - $34.88 then you would close your position by selling at $34.83. As a result, your loss would be:

Loss = (Closing Price - Opening Price) x stake
Loss = ($34.83 - $35.31) x £3 per cent stake
Loss = -$0.48 x £3 per cent stake
Loss = -48¢ x £3 per cent stake
Loss = -£144 loss

Note - AT&T Rolling Daily spread quoted as of 06-Feb-13.

Advert: AT&T Spread Betting, sponsored by
You can spread bet on AT&T with Financial Spreads.

Trading Risk Warning
'AT&T Spread Betting' edited by DB, updated 03-Oct-17

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