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Welcome to CleanFinancial.com – the spread betting website

As mentioned in both the Financial Times and The Times, our aim is to provide you with an open and honest look at financial spread betting.

We look at the pros and cons, different account options as well as tips and strategies.

We are not authorised to provide financial advice, arrangements, investments and for that reason we cannot say which the best spread betting company is.

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We always strive to give clear, fair and not misleading opinions of the various brokers / providers listed on this site.

Nevertheless, readers should know that we do often have commercial relationships with the firms listed on this site.

Spread Betting Tips, Tipping and Strategies

We do not tip individual shares or markets. However, we do aim to provide a useful trading guide to help those who are interested in Financial Spread Betting by highlighting some of the pitfalls and possibilities.

If you know your spreads and just want some distilled information about the size or width of the spreads being traded or services on offer, have a look at our spread betting comparison.

Where possible we also provide market commentary straight from the Market Analysts and Traders at the spread betting companies themselves.

The comments on this website do not constitute investment advice. No contributing author, company or Clean Financial accepts any responsibility for any use that may be made of them.

“They do tend to offer sound advice”

CleanFinancial.com in the FT
CleanFinancial.com in the FT

Financial Times

CleanFinancial.com was discussed in the September 2008 Financial Times ‘Spread Betting Special Report’:

CleanFinancial.com in the FT
CleanFinancial.com in the FT
“A popular site for those just starting out is Clean Financial’s blog. It is funded by a consortium of companies and represents something of a how-to guide.

As well as offering recommendations on how to protect investments once you have made money on a particular trade, and resist the temptation to adopt riskier strategies, it summarises news that might affect odds.

The spreads on gold and the dollar-sterling exchange rate offered by companies such as IG Index, Capital Spreads and GFT are listed. Promotions and discounts are showcased as well.

Simon Denham, a director at Capital Spreads, also writes a daily blog that outlines changes in the market that may impact trading. ”

The Times

CleanFinancial.com in The Times
And … The Times
CleanFinancial.com was mentioned, in the May 2010, in The Times ‘Trading Gold and FX supplement’, that was independently produced by Raconteur Media:

“Online and on the Money

There are a wealth of foreign-exchange and trading websites offering news, reviews, blogs, tips, strategies, forecasts, analysis and more. Here’s a section


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