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24 Hour Spread Betting

24 Hour Spread Betting
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24 Hour Spread Betting

- Where to Trade the Markets 24 Hours a day?

If you are looking to spread bet then note that FinancialSpreads.com now lets you trade a wide range of markets throughout the night.

The Financial Spreads dealing desk is now open 24 hours a day, which means:
  • You can take advantage of overnight price movements
  • You can trade online or over the phone 24 hours a day
  • Your positions will be filled overnight if the Financial Spreads quote reaches your stop loss/limit level**

24 Hour Markets Include:

IndicesTrading Hours
FTSE Sun (23:00) - Fri (21:00)
DAX Sun (23:00) - Fri (21:00)
R2K Mon (01:00) - Fri (21:15)
Nikkei Mon (00:45) - Fri (21:15)
Hong Kong Index Future Mon (01:45) - Fri (08:15)
China Enterprise Mon (01:45) - Fri (08:15)
Brazil Index Mon (11:02) - Fri (19:15)
US $ Index Mon (01:01) - Fri (21:15)

Forex Trading Hours
EUR/GBP Sun (23:00) - Fri (21:00)
EUR/JPY Sun (23:00) - Fri (21:00)
EUR/USD Sun (23:00) - Fri (21:00)
GBP/EUR Sun (23:00) - Fri (21:00)
GBP/JPY Sun (23:00) - Fri (21:00)
GBP/USD Sun (23:00) - Fri (21:00)
USD/CHF Sun (23:00) - Fri (21:00)
USD/JPY Sun (23:00) - Fri (21:00)

Forex spread betting note - that you can also trade 20+ other forex markets including AUD/CAD, EUR/SEK and USD/MXN.

Commodities - Metals Trading Hours
Gold Sun (23:00) - Fri (21:15)
Silver Sun (23:00) - Fri (21:15)
Copper Sun (23:00) - Fri (21:15)

Commodities - Energies Trading Hours
Brent Crude Oil Mon (01:00) - Fri (21:15)
Light Crude Oil (Nymex) Sun (23:00) - Fri (21:15)
Natural Gas Sun (23:00) - Fri (21:15)
Heating Oil Sun (23:00) - Fri (21:15)
Gas Oil Mon (01:00) - Fri (21:15)
US Unleaded Gasoline Sun (23:00) - Fri (21:15)

Commodities - Softs Trading Hours
Soybeans Mon (00:00) - Fri (19:15)
Wheat Mon (00:00) - Fri (19:15)

Bonds and Interest Rates Trading Hours
Eurodollar Sun (23:30) - Fri (21:15)
US 10 Year Sun (23:30) - Fri (21:15)
US 30 Year Sun (23:30) - Fri (21:15)

New Spread Betting Markets

Along with the 24 hour trading Financial Spreads now also offers trading on a range of new markets including US Unleaded Gasoline, Hong Kong Index Future, China Enterprise, Brazil Index and the US $ Index.

5 More Reasons to Trade with Financial Spreads?

  • There is no Capital Gains Tax, no Income Tax and no Stamp Duty*
  • No commissions or brokers fees
  • Tight Spreads eg the FTSE 100 Rolling Daily Spread is only 1 point during market hours
  • Small Stakes. Start trading from 1 per point and an initial deposit of 30
  • Fully interactive online dealing and live online Charts

Financial Spreads Account / Website

Go to » Financial Spreads
Financial Spreads Account

** Stop Losses are not guaranteed.

Risk Warning: Spread betting, CFDs and margined forex trading are leveraged products which carry a high level of risk to your capital. You can lose more than your initial deposit so you should ensure spread betting, CFDs and margined forex meet your investment objectives and, if necessary, seek independent advice.

Trading Risk Warning
'24 Hour Spread Betting' edited by Jenna Cutly, updated 13-Apr-17

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