BetVictorFinancials Review

Losses can exceed deposits

Life After BetVictor Financials

BetVictor Financials have now closed.

Either the bookmaker decided to withdraw from the financial spread betting market or the collaboration has been ‘rationalised’ by London Capital Group.

It’s probably a bit of both.

According to the FCA register ‘BetVictor Financials’ was delisted as a Trading Name of London Capital Group on 18-Dec-2015.

Nevertheless if you liked the BetVictor Financials platform then is a very similar alternative, it has a similar platform layout.

They only offer +1,000 markets compared to BetVictor Financials’ +2,000+ markets but the spreads on the markets that most investors trade are the same or better.

Also see the Financial Spreads review.

(A more obvious option would be the Capital Spreads site but that is being merged into LCG Trader. This issue here is that LCG Trader is a relatively new platform and we prefer tried-and-tested).

The information below is being kept for archive purposes but with ‘BetVictor Financials’ no longer trading it should not be relied upon.

On we want to help investors choose the trading option that is right for them. One option is BetVictor Financials, which offers both spread betting and CFDs.

BetVictor Financials

BetVictor Financials Platform
The BetVictor Financials platform offers all the normal advantages of spread betting:
  • Tax Free Investments*
    • No Capital Gains Tax
    • No Stamp Duty
    • No Income Tax
  • You can buy or sell whole stock market indices as well as speculate on individual shares, forex, commodities and treasuries
  • No commission fees
  • No brokerage fees
  • A wide range of markets

BetVictor Financials Account

The following table gives an overview of the BetVictor Financials account:

BetVictorFinancials Services

Average User Rating 2
New Account OfferBetVictorFinancials
24 Hour Trading BetVictorFinancials
Live ChartsBetVictorFinancials Live Charts
iPhone AppBetVictorFinancials iPhone App
iPad AppBetVictorFinancials iPad App
Android AppsBetVictorFinancials Android Apps
Web PlatformBetVictorFinancials Web Platformne
Stop Loss Available BetVictorFinancials
Automatic Stop Loss BetVictorFinancials
Credit Account BetVictorFinancials
Deposit Account BetVictorFinancials
FCA Authorised and Regulated BetVictorFinancials

User Comments & Ratings on BetVictor Financials

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BetVictor Financials – Markets

Below we have listed a small selection of the 2,500+ markets available with BetVictor Financials.

For each market you will find the typical in-hours spread size and the minimum stake for that BetVictor Financials market.

Typical In-Hours Index Spread Sizes with BetVictorFinancials

FTSE 100 (UK 100) Daily
Dow Jones (Wall St) Daily
DAX 30 (Germany 30) Daily
S&P 500 (SPX 500) Daily
NASDAQ 100 (US Tech 100) Daily
CAC 40 (France 40) Daily
ASX 200 (Australia 200) Daily
Japan 225 Daily
Hong Kong Daily
Stock market indices minimum stake
BetVictor Financials also offers spread bets and CFDs on a range of other stock market indices including:
  • European stock markets: AEX, Euro Stoxx 50, German MDAX 50, Sweden 30 & Swiss SMI
  • World stock markets: Australia 200, China Enterprise, Hong Kong Hang Seng, Indian Nifty 50 & Johannesburg Index

Typical In-Hours Forex Spread Sizes with BetVictorFinancials

EUR / USD Daily
GBP / USD Daily
EUR / GBP Daily
USD / JPY Daily
Forex minimum stake
BetVictor Financials also offers spread bets and CFDs on a range of other forex markets including:

  • The Majors: Australian Dollar/Yen, Australian Dollar/US Dollar, Swiss Franc/Yen, Euro/Australian Dollar, Euro/Swiss Franc, Pound/Yen & US Dollar/Swiss Franc
  • The Minors: Australian Dollar/Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar/New Zealand Dollar, Euro/New Zealand Dollar, Pound/Swiss Franc, Pound/South African Rand, US Dollar/Swedish Krona & US Dollar/South African Rand
  • The Exotics: Dollar/Polish Zloty, Dollar/Mexican Peso & Dollar/Czech Koruna

Typical In-Hours Commodities Spread Sizes with BetVictorFinancials

Gold Daily
Gold Futures
Brent Crude Oil Daily
Brent Crude Oil Futures
US Crude Oil Daily
US Crude Oil Futures
Commodities minimum stake
BetVictor Financials also offers spread bets and CFDs on other commodities including:

  • Energies: Carbon Emissions, Heating Oil & Natural Gas
  • Metals: Copper & Silver
  • Softs / Agricultures: Cocoa, Coffee, Cotton, Orange Juice, Soybean, Sugar & Wheat

Risk Warning:

Spread betting and CFD trading carry a high level of risk to your capital and you can lose more than your initial deposit. These trading products may not be suitable for all investors so seek independent advice.

Also see reducing your trading risk when spread betting.

About BetVictor, LCG, Stability and UK Regulation

Losses can exceed deposits
London Capital Group Limited (“LCG”), one of the leading spread betting and CFD providers, is now providing the new trading platform.

Through the new platform customers will now be able to trade indices, FX, equities, bonds and commodities via the BetVictor Financials website using the infrastructure of LCG’s proprietary spread betting and CFD platform

BetVictor Financials is a trading name of London Capital Group Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

LCG has over 70,000 clients worldwide and offers a wide variety of financial trading products and platforms for retail, professional and institutional traders.

LCG is recognised as an industry leader in partnerships and, in particular, building white label solutions. Partners of LCG include Financial Spreads, (InterTrader), Betfair (Tradefair), TD Direct Investing, Saxo Bank and Selftrade.

Upon launching the new betvictorfinancial platform at the start of 2013, Simon Denham, Chief Executive at London Capital Group said: “BetVictor is recognised as one of the top online betting providers and we are delighted to enter into partnership with them”

Victor Chandler, Chairman at BetVictor said: “We are delighted to partner with London Capital Group, who we have recognised as a leader in the provision of white label solutions to both financial and gaming operators. We recognise their product offering to be at the forefront of their industry as they, like us, embrace new technology and delivery.”