Trading Update
17-Sep-14, 8:04am:

What a difference a day makes!

We are seeing some big moves in the stock markets and the forex markets.

Update by Craig Inglis, Head of Product Development,
17-Sep-14, 9:15am:

Weekly Technical Analysis Video

Here is a technical analysis video from yesterday that takes an interesting short-term look at 4 major currency pairs. The video is still relevant today.

Update by James Chen, Chief Technical Strategist,
17-Sep-14, 9:38am:

It’s getting rather busy

We’ve got a couple of very busy days with the FOMC update, the Scottish referendum and the Alibaba market.

Update by Joe Rundle, Market Analyst,
18-Sep-14, 8:58am: Scottish Independence? The Selling May be Short-lived

If Scotland votes for independence then we expect investors to dump a range of stocks, the FTSE 100 and sterling. However, the selling may not last for long.

We’re expecting to see some volatile markets as we get the results of the exit polls, particularly with the GBP/USD rate and the FTSE 100.

A No Vote

If the ‘No thank you’ (better together) campaign wins then I think we will get a brief wave of euphoria and a certain amount of buying before the markets settles back down over the course of a day or two.

By Wednesday we’ll be wondering what all the fuss was about.

A Yes Vote

If the ‘Yes’ (independence) campaign wins we could well have a tricky day of trading on Friday as investors dump the pound, the FTSE 100 and a host of shares like Babcock, Lloyds, RBS, Standard Chartered and Weir Group

The markets have sold off a little ahead of the vote but the actual move to-date is quite small compared to the one we could see with a Yes vote.

With a Yes vote, I’d expect a lot of investors to be bashing the sell button before everyone else does.

Investors don’t like uncertainty and an independent Scotland raises a lot of questions and unknowns.

However, those unknowns will remain unknown for some time. Whatever happens, by the end of next week, Scotland will still be part of the UK. Even an amicable divorce takes times.

In many cases, it will be business as usual and the markets often have a very short-term memory.

After the shock, a sell off, some political mudslinging, the bargain hunters will be buying stocks and the markets could return to current levels, or higher, within the space of a week or two.

(The above is the personal view and not the view of Financial Spreads.)

Update by Adam Jepsen, Founder,
18-Sep-14, 9:38am:

USD/JPY Now at ¥108.85

And the US 30 and Japan 225 are looking good too.

Update by Craig Inglis, Head of Product Development,
18-Sep-14, 9:38am:

CBI Wants a ‘No’ Vote

Here we have a 5 minute video with John Cridland, Director-General of the CBI, and his view on Scottish independence.

Update by
18-Sep-14, 10:59am:

How Scotland Sees Westminster (and David Cameron in Particular)

No doubt this is how many people in Scotland see Cameron (and his ilk).

The epitome of English arrogance and privilege.

Don’t worry Scotland, a lot of us south of the wall think the same.

Below a 2 minute trailer for the new film, the Riot Club.

Update by Jacob Wood, Editor,
18-Sep-14, 11:03am:

It’s Shite Being Scottish

A classic from Train Spotting.

A warning, if you’re in an office, then pop your head phones in.

These young men don’t strike me as very pro-Union and they use some reasonably strong language.

Update by Jacob Wood, Editor,
18-Sep-14, 6:10pm:

Will a ‘Yes’ Vote Spark a Gold Rally?

It’s possible, gold has had a torrid year but the uncertainty could well help the metal.

Here CMC also take a look at the situation including the technical levels.

Update by Jasper Lawler, Market Analyst,