Trading Update
07-Aug-13, 8:21am: Here is this morning’s round up of what is happening in the financial markets. And the S&P 500 and FTSE 100 are falling…

Update by Ishaq Siddiqi, Market Analyst,
07-Aug-13, 8:39am: We’ve seen a big sell off in the S&P 500 and gold continues to fall.

Here’s is today’s technical analysis brief on the markets (which also takes a look at the forex markets and crude oil’s ongoing volatility).

Update by Craig Inglis, Head of Product Development,
07-Aug-13, 4:12pm: Following the BoE inflation report and Carney’s forward guidance for interest rates, Brenda Kelly discusses the reaction in GBP/USD:

Update by Brenda Kelly, Senior Market Strategist,