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10-Oct-14, 9:37am:

Dow Plummets by 330+ Points on Global Growth Fears

Intensifying concerns over the global economic outlook has seen US and Asian indices slump, with European equities set to open significantly lower.

Brent crude lost 2% on the day, dropping to $88 per barrel, whilst gold is seeing its best week in nearly 4 months.

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10-Oct-14, 1:31pm:

Will Equity Woes See Gold Bulls Charge Higher?

With equity markets struggling to make gains as global economic growth comes into question, IG talks to Rakesh Shah from Kingly Capital suggests that gold may be set for a rebound towards $1,280.

Mr Shah also discusses the contrast between stock market performances in the US and the UK, with concerns about whether we will see a Santa rally towards year end.

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10-Oct-14, 2:47pm:

What to Expect from US Financial Sector Earnings

With the key financial sector set to start reporting their Q3 earnings next week, IG take a look at what traders should keep an eye on.

David Madden, Market Analyst, points to questions over legal settlements, trading revenues and mortgage business.

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10-Oct-14, 2:47pm:

Rio Tinto Rejects Merger Approach from Glencore

Following a move by Glencore during the summer to seek a merger with Rio Tinto, Evan Lucas, Market Strategist, questions the potenital value and looks at why the board may have rejected it.

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10-Oct-14, 2:47pm:

Strong Dividend Helps Centrica Remain Attractive

With a 38% and 24% market share of natural gas and electricity supply, a dominant position has helped the utility firm maintain its larger dividend payouts.

However, issues surrounding political rhetoric have seen the shares fall from their all-time highs, though strong fundamentals may see the firm re-target £4.

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10-Oct-14, 4:45pm: The latest video on the blog discusses the evolution of the City of London as well as the pitfalls and possibilities.

How Has the City of London Changed in 50 Years and What Might the Future Hold?

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