Custom Spread Bets


A New Range of Flexible Bets Will Further Widen Appeal of Spread Betting

IG Index, Britain’s leading online spread trading company, has launched new spread trading opportunities with its ‘Custom Bets’ section. Introduced to complement the spread betting firm’s more traditional financial spread trading business as well as the more sophisticated binaries, Custom Bets allows clients to make a tailor-made trade by using a graphical interface to enter the parameters they desire.

Tim Hughes, MD of IG Index, said:

This is something of a departure from the traditional dealing interface for IG Index but we believe the Custom Bets proposition opens up financial markets to a new segment of the trading community.

Custom Spread Bets

The breadth of financial markets offered includes the more popular indices such as the Dow Jones, FTSE 100, S&P 500 and DAX 30, selected forex pairs and the price of oil.

Depending on the type of trade chosen, spread bettors can manipulate as many as five parameters including the target price levels, the size of the stake and the trade’s expiry time. As each adjustment is made, the prospective payout is calculated and then clearly displayed in real time. Hughes also said:

Working along the lines of a traditional fixed odds bookmaker, the stake and maximum return are known at the outset, although clients can still trade out of their position before expiry if they want to

Furthermore, the intuitive graphical slide bars give the utmost flexibility when looking to structure a trade to meet your requirements, as opposed to simply taking what the broker has to offer.

After pioneering spread trading in the ’70s, IG Index always stays at the forefront of innovation within the spread betting industry. In a recent study by Investment Trends, IG Index was named Britain’s top spread trading provider.