A Review of the Better Spread Betting and CFD Trading Videos
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Spread Betting and CFD Trading Videos

Spread Betting and CFD Trading Videos

CMC Markets 'Products in Focus' Videos - 19 March 2015

Most weekday mornings, CMC put out a 3-5 minute update on the markets, this is often interesting, particularly if you like your technical analysis

ETX Capital Morning Video Update

Like CMC, ETX often produce a quick morning update of the markets, see Morning Market Video.

Videos on CleanFinancial.com

The number of videos that the spread betting firms produce varies a lot.

IG used to produce daily news updates but now just do one-off items, no doubt this is due to the fairly low viewing figures that the videos get.

CMC tend to produce the most reliable and interesting videos at the moment

You can of course check YouTube, however we sift through a lot of videos so you don't have to.

We tend to ignore the videos that are, to all intents and purposes, just adverts.

Naturally we add the more useful analytical videos to Clean Financial.

Most of the weekly videos are added to our trading blog.

Depending upon the subject matter, the short-term videos get added to our daily news sections:

Spread Betting Platform Specific Videos

For platform specific videos, please see the relevant company review page:

City Index ‘Trading Academy’ TV Series

In 2012,
City Index had clearly been watching too much of the Apprentice and did a very Apprentice-like trading series called the ‘Trading Academy’.

Yes, it is a bit of a rip off, and yes, it is a little smug in places. However, the production quality is surprisingly high and if you are relatively new to spread betting/CFDs/’the markets’ then it might be worth watching.

We’ve put the 6 episodes in the playlist below.

The whole series is a little over 2 hours long. To skip to the next episode, just click ‘Next’.

Note that we have trimmed the first minute or so off episodes 2-6 so you don’t have to watch the same introduction being repeated.

Trading Academy Episode Index:

The competition featured eight traders and took place over six weeks. There was a £100,000 cash prize.

Traders were judged on their demo account P&Ls, as well as their use of new trading principles.

Episode index:
  • Episode 1: Meet the Candidates
  • Episode 2: FTSE Fundamentals
  • Episode 3: Global Indices
  • Episode 4: Stocks & Shares
  • Episode 5: Trading FX
  • Episode 6: The Final

Trading Risk Warning
'Spread Betting and CFD Trading Videos' edited by Jacob Wood, updated 19-Mar-15

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