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Corn Spread Betting

Where Can I Spread Bet on Corn?

Investors can currently spread bet commission free on Corn by opening an account with any of the following companies:

Corn Futures Trading News

Date Trading Update
16-Nov-17 [12:24pm] Updated Corn COT Report

The latest Commitments of Traders Report (COT) for Corn has been released by the CFTC, see our Corn COT report below.

We have also updated our Commodities COT Summary Report.

Update by Gordon Childs, Editor, CleanFinancial
07-Nov-17 [12:19pm] Updated Corn COT Report

The latest Commitments of Traders Report (COT) for Corn has been released by the CFTC, see our Corn COT report below.

We have also updated our Commodities COT Summary Report.

Update by Gordon Childs, Editor, CleanFinancial

» For more see Commodities Trading News & Analysis.

Readers please note:

Where Can I Find Live Spread Betting Prices and Charts for Corn?

This interactive CFD trading chart provides users with a guide to the Corn market.

The Plus 500 chart above normally uses the underlying Corn futures contract.

If you want to check up-to-the-minute spread betting charts and prices for Corn, you could use a financial spread betting account.

In addition, a spreads account would let you access shorter term spot prices. Users should note that opening an account is normally dependent on credit and status checks.

Should your application be approved then, once logged on, you will be able to look at the live charts and prices. These are usually provided as part of the service. The catch? You might receive the odd sales call or letter from the spread betting provider.

If you decide to trade then be aware that financial spread trading and CFDs involve a significant level of risk to your funds and you could lose more than your initial deposit.

Advanced Charts for Corn

Even though charting software/packages can differ from firm to firm, the charts often come with tools and features such as:
  • Many different time periods - 3 minutes, 15 minutes, 2 hours etc.
  • A variety of chart types - OHLC charts and candle charts
  • Drawing tools and features - Fibonacci time zones, arcs and fans

Charts with InterTrader also have other benefits like:
  • Tailored Indicators, BackTesting and Optimisation functions
  • Numerous overlays - Bollinger Bands, Parabolic SAR, Envelopes etc.
  • Secondary charts - Williams %R, Relative Volatility Index, Projection Bands etc.
  • Customised email alerts for when the markets hit a given level

Example commodity candlestick chart

Corn Trading Guide - Example Chart

The following online spread betting brokers let their account holders have access to real-time charts and prices:

Where Can I Spread Bet on Corn for Free?

Trading always comes with risk, but if you would like to try a (free) Practice Account, where you can try out financial spread betting and access trading charts, see below for further details.

When deciding which investment option is right for you, also remember that spread trading in the UK is currently free of income tax, capital gains tax and stamp duty*.

If you're looking for a low cost financial spread betting platform then note that you can spread bet on Corn with no brokers' fees or commissions through firms such as:

Free Demo Account

If you're interested in a (free) virtual money Practice Account / Demo Account that allows users to get a better understanding of financial spread betting, including markets like crude oil, the Dow Jones and Corn, then you could always look at: Each of these companies provide a free Test Account which lets users try out trading theories, apply an array of trading orders and check professional charts, such as candlestick and line charts.

How to Spread Bet on Corn

How to Spread Bet on Corn?

As with a variety of markets, an investor can place a spread bet on futures, such as Corn, to either increase or decrease.

Looking at a spread betting website like IG, you can see that they are currently showing the Corn March Futures market at $446.4 - $447.4. As a result, you could spread bet on Corn:

  Corn Spread Trading Example Finishing above $447.4, or
  Corn Spread Betting Example Finishing below $446.4

On the closing date for this 'March' market, 28-Feb-14.

When financial spread trading on Corn you trade in £x per $1.0. As a result, if you decide to risk £4 per $1.0 and Corn moves $22.0 then that would alter your P&L by £88. £4 per $1.0 x $22.0 = £88.

Corn Futures - Commodity Spread Betting Example

Now, if you take the above spread of $446.4 - $447.4 and make the assumptions:
  • You have analysed the commodity, and
  • Your analysis leads you to feel the Corn market will settle higher than $447.4 by 28-Feb-14
Then you may decide to go long of the market at $447.4 for a stake of £5 per $1.0.

With such a bet you win £5 for every $1.0 that Corn moves above $447.4. Having said that, it also means that you will make a loss of £5 for every $1.0 that the Corn market falls below $447.4.

Put another way, should you ‘Buy’ a spread bet then your P&L is found by taking the difference between the final price of the market and the price you bought the spread at. You then multiply that difference in price by your stake.

As a result, if, on the closing date, Corn closed at $467.5, then:

P&L = (Settlement Price - Opening Price) x stake
P&L = ($467.5 - $447.4) x £5 per $1.0
P&L = $20.1 x £5 per $1.0
P&L = £100.50 profit

Trading commodity markets, by spread betting or otherwise, won’t always go to plan. In this example, you had bet that the futures market would go up. However, the futures market might decrease.

If Corn decreased and closed lower at $423.9, then this means you would end up making a loss and losing money on this market.

P&L = (Settlement Price - Opening Price) x stake
P&L = ($423.9 - $447.4) x £5 per $1.0
P&L = -$23.5 x £5 per $1.0
P&L = -£117.50 loss

Note: Corn March Futures spread betting market correct as of 18-Feb-14.

Corn Commitments of Traders Report - 7 Nov 2017 (i)

Futures Only Positions, CBT , Code 2602, (Contracts of 5,000 bushels) (i)

Reporting Firms (i) Non-Reportable Positions (i)
Non-Commercial (i)
Commercial (i) Total Reportable (i)
Commitments (i) Open (i) Interest Commitments
Long (i) Short (i) Spreads (i) Long Short Long Short Long Short
392,039 479,039 284,266 745,721 670,866 1,422,026 1,434,171 1,623,655 201,629 189,484
Changes from 31 Oct 2017 (i) Change in (i) Open Interest Changes from
Long Short Spreads Long Short Long Short Long Short
15,166 10,407 12,588 3,009 9,364 30,763 32,359 30,238 -525 -2,121
Percent of Open Interest for Each Category of Trader (i)
Long Short Spreads Long Short Long Short   Long Short
24.1% 29.5% 17.5% 45.9% 41.3% 87.6% 88.3%   12.4% 11.7%
Number of Traders in Each Category (i) Total (i) Traders  
Long Short Spreads Long Short Long Short    
183 167 187 299 316 587 597 775    
Long/Short Commitments Ratios (i)   Long/Short Ratio
Ratio   Ratio Ratio   Ratio
1:1.2   1.1:1 1:1   1.1:1
Net Commitment Change (i)  

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Trading Risk Warning
'Corn Spread Betting' edited by Jacob Wood, updated 16-Nov-17

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