Litecoin CFD Trading, Spread Betting and Futures Guide
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Litecoin Spread Betting and CFD Trading Guide

Litecoin Spread Betting and CFD Trading Guide

Litecoin Market News & Analysis

Date Trading Update
09-Oct-17 [11:18am]

Litecoin Futures Trading Analysis

  • Litecoin is currently trading at $51.51.
  • In the last session, the market closed $0.90 (1.73%) higher at $52.87.
30 Minute Indicator Analysis

Falling Forex Pair The digital currency is lower than the 20 period MA of $51.78 and lower than the 50 period MA of $52.43.

1 Day Indicator Analysis

Falling Forex Pair The online currency is trading lower than the 20 day MA of $51.58 and lower than the 50 day MA of $58.02.

Update by Gordon Childs, Editor, CleanFinancial
10-Jan-14 [11:45am]

Higher Leverage for Litecoin CFDs

Note that Plus500 are giving clients a little more leverage on LTC now.

They were offering leverage at 1:5, it has now been moved to 1:10.

That makes this high risk and highly volatile market even more extreme.

Update by Jacob Wood, Editor, CleanFinancial
07-Jan-14 [12:25pm]

Volatility Returns to the LTC Market

Litecoin enjoyed a relatively quiet Christmas break but now volatility is returning to the market.

On 5 Jan the market saw a range of nearly $3 and yesterday LTC had a range of nearly $6.

With the price on the BTC-e exchange currently at $27.33 that's a range of more than 20%.

It's fair to say the market is in full swing. (be careful).

Update by Jacob Wood, Editor, CleanFinancial
02-Jan-14 [9:07am]

'Just' 5-10% Trading Ranges for Litecoin

Like most markets, LTC has been 'fairly' quiet over the Christmas period.

Having said that, it's all relative. Whilst a number of days only traded in a $1-2 range that still means daily 5-10% moves, a lot, even for a forex market.

Looking at the live Litecoin chart, 25 and 26 Dec actually saw a $3.5-4.5 range.

It's not difficult to image another volatile year for the currency which opened this morning at $23.33.

Update by Jacob Wood, Editor, CleanFinancial
18-Dec-13 [11:11am]

Litecoin Falls 70% in 36 Hours

China has banned Chinese Bitcoin exchanges from accepting new deposits.

Both LTC and BTC prices have fallen off a cliff.

Litecoin opened on Monday at $30.45, but is currently trading down 70% at $9.13.

For more details see China Ban Bitcoin Exchanges from Taking Deposits.

Update by Jacob Wood, Editor, CleanFinancial
17-Dec-13 [12:03pm]

Early Litecoin vs Bitcoin Trends

The new LTC CFD markets have been available for a week now, so I thought I'd have a quick look at the Litecoin vs Bitcoin charts.

Looking at last 8 days, not unsurprisingly, the two digital currencies have followed similar trends.

Litecoin vs Bitcoin

Which Digital Currency is More Volatile?

The following is only very rudimentary analysis, but it's interesting to see the percentage moves for the period.
  • The Bitcoin daily market had a high of $1,054.19 and a low of $707.75, i.e. a 32.8% fall
  • The Litecoin daily market had a high of $35.74 and a low of $17.99, i.e. a 50.3% fall
Putting that volatility into perspective, over the same period:
  • The gold daily market had a high of $1,267.8 and a low of $1,220.5, i.e. a 3.7% move.
As I said, this is only very rudimentary analysis, and it only covers the last week.

However, hopefully it highlights how volatile the digital currencies are.

Update by Jacob Wood, Editor, CleanFinancial
16-Dec-13 [4:54pm]

New Litecoin Financial Spread Betting Market

Spreadex suspended their Bitcoin market in November 2013 and IG have also stopped offering their Bitcoin binary markets.

So I must admit, I didn't think the spreads firms would be keen on a Litecoin market, however, Spreadex have now opened a new rolling market, see spread betting on Litecoin.

Update by Jacob Wood, Editor, CleanFinancial
10-Dec-13 [8:39am]

Want to Build Your Own Litecoin Mining Rig?

If you don't fancy trading Litecoin and prefer to mine instead then there's a user-friendly article on

Yes, at the moment you can make money from Litecoin mining but you need to keep an eye on your electricity bill as well as how much time you spending on setting everything up.

For more details see How to build a Litecoin mining rig.

Update by Jacob Wood, Editor, CleanFinancial
08-Dec-13 [9:10pm] Plus500 have created a new LTC Contracts for Difference market, see Litecoin CFDs for details.

Update by Jacob Wood, Editor, CleanFinancial

More Litecoin News

Readers please note:

Litecoin Charts, Prices and Trading Volumes

The live Plus500 chart below gives a useful view of the Litecoin market.

This chart only goes back to when they started trading the market, i.e. 8 December 2013.

If you want to go further back, or want a chart showing the number of transactions per day or the total number of Litecoins currently in circulation, see

Also see Litecoin technical analysis charts below.

Litecoin Volatility Warning

It is still early days with the Litecoin market but, like Bitcoin, it is already looking very volatile.

Therefore, any normal trading is high risk and, as always, you should only trade with money you can afford to lose.

If you use leveraged derivatives like spread betting or CFDs then you will only magnify your, already high, risks.

Trading Risk Warning

Litecoin Spread Betting

Spreadex have now opened Litecoin market. At the time of writing, it looks like this:
  • You can only trade over the phone
  • You cannot set a stop order on this market
  • You are trading per dollar movement
  • You can go long (buy) and short (sell)
  • Expiry: This is a daily rolling market, interest is charged at 10% + 1 Month LIBOR
  • Spread: 2.5% either side of the underlying market
  • Prices: Based on the BTC-e exchange
  • Minimum stake: 50p
  • Margin: 50%
In short, Spreadex are being rather defensive on this market, but if you want to spread bet on Litecoin then we don’t currently know of any other FCA regulated firms offering a spread betting market.

Also see our review of Spreadex.

Litecoin CFDs

At the time of writing, the Plus500 Litecoin contracts for difference (CFD) market looks like this:
  • You can trade via the website or app
  • Expiry: This market expires daily, it is not a typical rolling daily or futures market
  • Spread Per Unit: $1.50 (~2.25%) either side of the underlying market
  • Prices: Based on the BTC-e exchange
  • Initial Margin: 20.00%
  • Maintenance Margin: 10.00%
  • Leverage: 1:10
  • This CFD market is based in US dollars
Whilst the above doesn’t offer great value for investors, we don’t know of any other FCA regulated firm that is currently offering a Litecoin CFD market.

(You may be able to trading Litecoin CFDS through other firms).

Also see Plus500 review.


About Litecoin

  • Litecoin is a peer-to-peer digital currency similar to Bitcoin. It is based on the Bitcoin protocol but differs in that it can be efficiently mined with consumer-grade hardware
  • The Litecoin network is scheduled to produce 84 million currency units in total
  • Both Spreadex and Plus 500 are quoting prices are based on the BTC-e exchange
  • It was first introduced 7 October 2011
  • The symbol is Ł, a letter sometimes used in Polish. If you want to write the Litecoin symbol in html use the code Ł
  • Nickname: LTC
  • Subunits:
    • 0.001Ł = mLTC (millicoin)
    • 0.000001Ł = µLTC (microcoin)
    • 0.00000001Ł = is the smallest LTC unit

Litecoin Technical Analysis

For good quality and free Litecoin charts, try
  • You can view the chart across a variety of periods, from 1 minute to 1 hour to 1 day etc.
  • You can also easily add indicators like the MACD and Moving Averages
  • The homepage defaults to a Bitcoin chart, just click ‘LTC/USD’ at the top of the page for the Litecoin chart

More Litecoin Information

For more details on Litecoin see:

Trading Risk Warning
'Litecoin Spread Betting and CFD Trading Guide' edited by Jacob Wood, updated 09-Oct-17

For related articles also see:

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