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Losses can exceed deposits

Looking at Spread Co

Spread Co Platform
Spread Co Platform
At Clean Financial we want to help you select the spread betting option that is right for you.

One option is Spread Co, who offer spread bets, CFDs and FX:

With Spread Co you get all the normal advantages of spread trading:

Plus, with Spread Co you also get:

  • 24-hour trading on certain products
  • A wide range of training and educational tools
  • A sophisticated yet easy-to-use trading platform
  • Multi-lingual customer support
  • No re-quotes on non-equity products, occasional re-quotes depending on volume for equities
  • Saturn Mobile: iPhone and Android trading apps

Spread Bets with Spread Co

Spread Co say they “aim to let you trade world markets, simply and efficiently from one online trading account…to make your trading experience fast and cost effective…and to support you in all your trading goals.

Spread Co – Tight Spreads

“We offer some of the tightest spreads on popular markets, such as 0.8pts on EUR/USD, the UK 100 and the US 30 and just 4pts on Gold”.

New Technology – Additional Features

Note that with Spread Co you can actually customise your trading screen, ie lay it out how you want to see it. You can even store numerous screen layouts.

Risk Monitoring

Risk management is always important. You can monitor the instruments you are trading, both through simple summaries and through a pie-chart showing you the breakdown between the different markets you are trading.

Spread Co Account

Spread Co offer two types of spread trading account:

  • Standard Account
  • Limited Risk Account
This lets you decide whether you want to have automatic guaranteed stop orders or not.

Below, a quick summary of the main Spread Co account:

Spread Co Services

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User Ratings & Comments on Spread Co

Education and Information

Spread Co also offers clients a range of educational and news materials in order to assist you and help keep you up-to-date with the latest events in the markets.

Spread Co

Spread Co FX Trading

Note that you aren’t restricted to financial spread trading with Spread Co, you can also trading a variety of foreign exchange pairs on margin.

‘Trading margin FX’ is the new way to trade a range of different FX pairs on margin. Again you can do this from one trading platform

Spread Co offer Single Position Trading Accounts as well as Consolidated Trading Accounts.

Single Positions Accounts can provide additional flexibility, this is especially for the seasoned trader.

Spread Co CFDs

Again, Spread Co lets you trade CFDs from one account, where their aim is to offer efficient, cost effective CFD trading.

Note that you can trade both CFDs and FX from the same Spread Co account.

Spread Co Markets

Below we have listed a small selection of the many markets available with Spread Co.

For each market you will find the typical in-hours spread size and the minimum stake for that Spread Co market.

Typical In-Hours Index Spread Sizes with Spread Co

FTSE 100 (UK 100) Daily1
Dow Jones (Wall St) Daily4
DAX 30 (Germany 30) Daily2
S&P 500 (SPX 500) Daily5
NASDAQ 100 (US Tech 100) Daily2
CAC 40 (France 40) Daily
ASX 200 (Australia 200) Daily
Japan 225 Daily
Hong Kong Daily
Stock market indices minimum stake£1
SpreadCo also offers spread trading on a range of other Indices markets including the France 40.

Typical In-Hours Forex Spread Sizes with Spread Co

EUR / USD Daily2
GBP / USD Daily3
EUR / GBP Daily2
USD / JPY Daily3
Forex minimum stake£1
SpreadCo also offers spread trading on a range of other FX markets including:


Typical In-Hours Commodities Spread Sizes with Spread Co

Gold Daily5
Gold Futures7
Brent Crude Oil Daily
Brent Crude Oil Futures
US Crude Oil Daily6†
US Crude Oil Futures6
Commodities minimum stake£1
SpreadCo also offers spread trading on other commodities.

  • Metals: Copper and Silver
  • Energies: US Heating Oil and US Natural Gas
  • Softs: Corn, Oats, Soybean, Rough Rice and Wheat
Please also see company prices – notes and comments.

About Spread Co

Spread Co is a leading global provider of spread trading, CFD and Forex trading on the world’s financial markets.

Spread Co is based in North London and is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK.