Trading Update
29-Sep-14, 8:52am:

Stock Markets Look Forward to the Non-Farm Payrolls

This quick update from ETX discusses the key upcoming data and events for the week including US unemployment figures.

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29-Sep-14, 9:23am:

Hong Kong Dollar Slumps Amid Political Protests

The Hong Kong dollar has fallen and Chinese shares have dropped on political tensions and protests in the city.

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30-Sep-14, 9:13am:

FTSE Struggling as Hong Kong Protests Continue

The FTSE 100 has seen plenty of selling recently, particuarly as miners drag on the protests in Hong Kong, and technical indicators are not yet pointing to a rebound.

EUR/USD is looking very vulnerable and could target $1.20 if it breaks current support around $1.2660.

Update by Craig Inglis, Head of Product Development,
30-Sep-14, 2:34pm:

Which Sectors are Protected from the Relentless Rise of the Internet?

With many firms struggling to grow their top line, IG talks to Andy Brough from Schroders about which UK sectors might be worth looking at.

In particular, Mr Brough seems to be looking at sectors that are partially protected from the move into the internet such as housing and automotive.

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30-Sep-14, 3:45pm:

Dollar Continues to Make Huge Gains at the Expense of the Euro and the Yen

The euro remains in a steep technical decline, breaking below multiple support levels, and is now looking to target $1.2450.

The Japanese yen is maintaining is surge since August, hitting long-term highs with resistance around ¥114.

Update by James Chen, Chief Technical Strategist,