Trading Update
18-Nov-13, 9:23am:

Dow Jones Index on Target for 16,000

The Dow has firmly broken the resistance at 15,831 and could be on its way to 16,000.

The China A50 stock market index has jumped 4.5% in one day. The Nikkei 225 has also broken out.

USD/JPY has hit resistance at ¥100.50.

Update by Craig Inglis, Head of Product Development,
18-Nov-13, 11:12am:

China’s Third Plenum

If you are trading the Chinese stock market, or any other Asian stocks, and want a little more detail on China’s Third Plenum and the 60 point plan that is helping to boost global indices then IG have provided a little more detail in their article, China’s 60 point plan.

Update by Jenna Cutly, Editor,
18-Nov-13, 12:44pm:

Another warning if you are Trading Bitcoin

Looking at the Bitcoin chart, the market crossed the $600 mark earlier this morning. That’s a $100 increase 24 hours and $300 increase since 10 Nov.

Be very very careful if you trading this one.

Update by Jenna Cutly, Editor,
18-Nov-13, 7:06pm: With stocks rallying as China looks to relax economic and social restrictions, this trading video looks at expectations for the rest of the week’s economic data.

Update by Hannah Slowther,
18-Nov-13, 11:59pm:

Bitcoin Passes the $500, $600 and $700 Levels

Investors should note that the Bitcoin markets are open on Sunday’s and yesterday the market cleared the important $500 level.

Today, the market opened at $522 and didn’t look back.

Bitcoin closed just off the highs of $782.48 at $781.25.

Update by Jacob Wood, Editor,