Broker Recommendations


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FinancialSpreads Provides Investors with Broker Recommendations on UK Shares

FinancialSpreads now offers clients free access to the latest Broker Recommendations which have been collated by Digital Look. The recommendations cover a broad range of UK shares.

The recommendations can be viewed in a number of different formats e.g. Performance Tables and Heat Maps. Clients can also drill down and access more data on an individual company.

The Performance Tables show how many brokers have given a particular rating. They also provide a useful aggregate rating i.e. Buy, Overweight, Neutral, Underweight and Sell.

The Broker Recommendations can be broken down by:
  • Index e.g. FTSE 100, FTSE 250, FTSE Small Cap, FTSE All-Share, techMARK etc.
  • Sector e.g. Banking, Retailers, Mining etc.
The Heat Map gives a quick visual guide to the companies that have the strongest aggregate recommendations. Like the Performance Tables, the Heat Maps can be broken down by Sector and Index.

Broker Recommendations
Example Broker Recommendations Heat Map

Investors looking for more detail can drill down and see a list of recommendations for that share. The recommendations are shown in chronological order along with the rating, the target price and the share price at the time of the rating.

According to Adam Jepsen, spokesman for FinancialSpreads, this extra level of detail in the reports provide clients with an important overview.

Share prices sometimes move purely because of a new iteration from a broker. That means it’s important to have the latest recommendations in order to get a clearer picture of what could be moving a market.

However, we have seen that some broker reports only show the most recent recommendation. By giving clients the option to drill down, and see the new rating in relation to the previous ratings, clients get a more comprehensive view and an important extra level of detail.

Of course, readers should remember that these are just opinions and before trading investors should conduct their own research as to whether they think a given share is overpriced or underpriced”.

Financial Spreads Broker Recommendations
Example Broker Recommendations on an Individual Share

The Broker Recommendations are provided by a third party that is completely independent from FinancialSpreads. The recommendations should not be taken as investment advice. For more details, including how to access the Broker Recommendations, see