Fool Friendly Financial Spread Betting
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Fool Friendly Financial Spread Betting

Fool Friendly Financial Spread Betting

Specialist investment website The Motley Fool has named WorldSpreads as the most ‘Fool-Friendly’ financial spread betting company.

The Motley Fool assessed the requirements of both schools of financial spread betting, those in it for the long run and the short-term

WorldSpreads was best suited to the needs of day traders demanding tight spreads, low margins and fast execution as well as those investors who want collect dividends as they ‘ buy and hold’.

Key criteria included:
  • A one glance trading platform that lets traders focus on profitable strategies instead of opening and closing windows.

  • The ability to maintain gains over long holding periods through low financing

  • Access to the widest range of markets, not just the most popular indices, forex and commodities markets.

Fool Friendly Financial Spread Betting

The Motley Fool was also looking for Guaranteed Stops for absolute risk control and Trailing Stop Loss orders that help 'lock in' profits.

WorldSpreads impressed on all counts and was placed best overall, with a special mention for offering the widest range of shares, clarity on risk guaranteed and trailing stop orders as well as a highly intuitive interface

WorldSpreads CEO Conor Foley said, "I would like to thank Motley Fool for such an endorsement. It’s always pleasing to have WorldSpreads’s efforts recognised. However we will continue to push for an even better service for the WorldSpreads account holders."

About WorldSpreads:

WorldSpreads Limited, a wholly-owned trading subsidiary of WSPR, is regulated and authorised by the Financial Services Authority and is authorised to offer its products throughout Europe.

WorldSpreads offers a full range of financial spread betting prices on all the major financial markets, including indices, shares, forex, commodities and interest rates.

The Group floated on the London Stock Exchange's AIM market in August 2007. It gained a dual listing by joining the Irish Stock Exchange's ESM market in May 2008.

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'Fool Friendly Financial Spread Betting' edited by DB, updated 13-Jul-11

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