Brazil Spread Betting Guide
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Brazil Index Spread Betting

Brazil Index Spread Betting

Where Can I Spread Bet on the Brazil Index?

You can take a position on the Brazil Index with:

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You can spread bet on the Brazil Index with Financial Spreads.

Where Can I Spread Bet on the Brazil Index for Free?

Investing in the markets always comes with risk, however, if you'd like to try a Practice Account, that allows you to try out spread trading, then see below for further details.

When looking at which trading option might work for you, don't forget that spread trading in the UK is free of capital gains tax, stamp duty and income tax*.

If you are interested in a free spread trading site, keep in mind that you can take a position on the Brazil Index with zero commissions and no brokers' fees with providers like:

Free Demo Account

If you want to have a look at a virtual money Demo Account where users are able to get a better feel for spread betting, including markets such as crude oil, USD/JPY and the Brazil Index, then look at: The above spread trading companies provide a free Demo Account which lets users access professional charts, try out trading strategies and apply a variety of trading orders.
How to Spread Bet on the Brazil Index

How to Spread Bet on the Brazil Index?

As with a wide variety of global financial markets, you are able to spread bet on stock market indices, such as the Brazil Index, to either increase or decrease.

Looking at a financial spread betting website like Capitalspreads, you can see that they are showing the Brazil Index October Futures market at 60168 - 60228. Therefore, an investor could put a spread bet on the Brazil Index:

  Brazil Index Trading Example Finishing higher than 60228, or
  Brazil Index Spread Betting Example Finishing lower than 60168

On the closing date for this 'October' market, 17-Oct-12.

Whilst financial spread betting on the Brazil Index you trade in x per point. So, if you choose to have a stake of 5 per point and the Brazil Index moves 34 points then that would change your profit/loss by 170. 5 per point x 34 points = 170.

For short term trading on stock market indices also see Stock Market Indices Rolling Daily Spread Betting.

Brazil Index Futures - Indices Spread Betting Example

Now, if you consider the spread of 60168 - 60228 and assume:
  • You have completed your market research, and
  • You think that the Brazil Index will finish above 60228 by 17-Oct-12
Then you may decide to buy a spread bet at 60228 for a stake of 2 per point.

So, you gain 2 for every point that the Brazil Index pushes higher than 60228. However, it also means that you will make a loss of 2 for every point that the Brazil Index market goes lower than 60228.

Looked at another way, if you were to buy a spread bet then your P&L is worked out by taking the difference between the settlement price of the market and the price you bought the spread at. You then multiply that difference in price by the stake.

Subsequently, if, on the closing date, the Brazil Index finished higher at 60324, then:

Profit / loss = (Final Price - Initial Price) x stake
Profit / loss = (60324 - 60228) x 2 per point stake
Profit / loss = 96 x 2 per point stake
Profit / loss = 192 profit

Speculating on indices, by spread betting or otherwise, won't always go to plan. In the above example, you wanted the Brazilian stock market index to increase. Nevertheless, it might go down.

If the Brazilian stock market decreased and the Brazil index closed lower at 60139, then you would end up making a loss and losing on this market.

Profit / loss = (Final Price - Initial Price) x stake
Profit / loss = (60139 - 60228) x 2 per point stake
Profit / loss = -89 x 2 per point stake
Profit / loss = -178 loss

Note - Brazil Index October Futures spread taken as of 26-Sep-12.

Where Can I Find Live Prices and Charts for the Brazil Index?

If you would like to study live charts and prices for the Brazil Index, you might need a spread betting account. Note that opening such an account is normally dependent on status, suitability and credit checks.

If your application is approved, you can log on and view the charts and prices. On most platforms, these are provided for free. Having said that, you could get an occasional call and/or email from the relevant financial spread betting firm.

Of course, if you do trade then remember that spread betting does carry a significant level of risk to your funds and it's possible to lose more than your initial deposit.

Although the charts normally differ from platform to platform, to help your analysis, they often come with user friendly tools such as:
  • A number of time periods, for example, 1 minute, 1 hour, 4 hours etc.
  • Various display options, for example, candlestick, bar and line charts
  • Drawing features, for example, Fibonacci Arcs, Time Zones and Fans
  • Technical indicators and chart overlays, for example, Exponential Moving Average, Momentum Percentage, Standard Deviation etc.
Charts with Inter Trader also have more advanced features, including:
  • Back Testing tools
  • Automatic email alerts when a market reaches a pre-set price

Example index trading chart

Brazil Index Trading Guide - Example Chart

The spread betting firms in the following list offer account holders access to live trading charts/prices:

Advert: Brazil Index Spread Betting, sponsored by
You can spread bet on the Brazil Index with Financial Spreads.

Trading Risk Warning
'Brazil Index Spread Betting' edited by Jacob Wood, updated 13-Apr-17

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